Mud and Drag Racing to start up before Spring Break

Pete Banda
Managing Editor

Almost nine months from initially presenting the idea to the San Benito City Commission, it looks like South Texas Raceway is finally about to get started up. The mud and drag racing track is fully equipped and ready to go, with the exception of a few extra bleachers and minor equipment.
We’ve been working pretty hard to get things going, we’ve run into a few setbacks, but I don’t think it will be too long before we can start racing now,” said Henry Thomae, the mastermind behind the venture. “I really don’t want to put a deadline on it, but I would say by mid-March, we should be in full blast and holding several races.”
According to Thomae, the size and overall quality of the racetrack should draw interest from racers all over the state of Texas and even past that.
“Oh yeah, I expect a large amount of the racing community to come out and see what we put together… I’m already getting calls from some of my buddies across the State asking when I’m going to be up and running,” added Thomae. “I definitely expect large turnouts.”
“I want to give people reason to come to San Benito,” Thomae continued. “I am trying to leave a legacy by bringing something to down that is safe and beneficial to everyone.”

Thomae came to an agreement with the city to rent a portion of land, known as the old airport in San Benito, late last year and has been working to turn his dream into a reality ever since.

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