Jan 27 2017

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Texas Historic Independence Celebration just weeks away

By Sierra Flores
Special to the News

Proud members of the Texas Historic Independence Celebration Association, or THICA, gathered Wednesday morning to enjoy coffee and to help bring life to Texas history. Jack Ayoub and Wayne Powell, dressed with straw sweaters, cowboy hats, and deer skinned pouches; told the heroic stories of the 1836 Battle of the Alamo through re-enactments.IMG_2570
“We celebrate Texas Independence Day by honoring and remembering the brave Tejanos who fought for Texas,” stated THICA chairmen, Jack Ayoub.
Great fights such as the Battle of Bexar, Battle of the Alamo, and Battle of San Jacinto are performed for locals, along with having the community reciting the declaration of independence, a chili cook off, market days, and more for a day of fun for families.
The Texas Independence Day Celebration has been a San Benito tradition for many years. An entire community effort and support has allowed this event to continue growing over the years.
“10 years ago, we had our first celebration with over 200 people… compare that to last year’s event with over 10,000 people,” stated Ayoub.
A 52 foot replica wall of the Alamo, the crackling sounds of guns reloading, the thunder of cannons, and even visits from actual survivors of the battle will prepare you for a surreal and lively perspective of the battles that have helped to form Texas into what we are today.

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