Why we are, and will stay, a poor area

By Santiago Perez
Special to the NEWS

It’s been well documented that the Harlingen-Brownsville-San Benito area has been named as one of the poorest areas in the entire country. You can find it on the internet today. And I know exactly why.
At every turn, the city leaders are giving away money to businesses so they will consider moving here. It’s welfare for the rich to get richer using those who they increase the property tax on every year.
They kept on creating entity after entity to tax the citizens.
They always have a sophist reason to increase taxes.
They tax the citizens to build monuments but nothing for the minds.
They pat the coffers by using the police to issue trivial and civil violations. No investigation necessary.
I say the police are not looking to solve true crimes. They are out there looking for those who change lanes without setting the turn signal. They are out there looking for who crossed the line at a stop sign.
They are looking those they can accuse of making a rolling stop.
This is what they call “Crime stopping”.
While they are doing this, the criminals are committing the crimes police fail to notice because they were looking for broken tail lights etc… etc… etc… all this while the donut shop gets robbed. L.O.L.
The reason they caught those robbers is because the donut shop manager held the robber while the police made a very quick response…..”Not the Donut shop!!!!!!”
Back to the real crimes that create the poor.
They pat themselves to justify their deeds. They pat the judges on their back so they can think they are true judges while increasing the fines. They pat the fees when a citizen wants to fight a traffic violation so the accuser would rather pay the fine than fight the issue.
I remember telling a city commissioner, “That judge is crazy patting high fines at the poor old lady. She is on social security”. The response was “yeah… brings in a lot of money.” The commissioner said it with a smile. The same smile they use on their election posters.
This is just a short list of the many draconian ways our leaders keep the people poor. But first, keep them stupid so they won’t have the money to educate themselves. Then they tax whatever they have left.
Here’s a few facts about the Resaca City.
> Median household income: $34,074
> Median home value: $82,800
> Unemployment rate: 7.3%
> Poverty rate: 32.4%

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