Pokemon Go takes over San Benito

By Daniel Mares
Special to the NEWS

Move over Clash of Clans, Slither, and Candy Crush- there is a new mobile game application that is sweeping the nation. The Pokémon franchise of the mid-1990’s has experienced a renaissance this summer as the new augmented reality game developed by Niantic has quickly gained popularity across the nation, including right here in San Benito. According to Forbes, Pokémon Go is “the biggest mobile game in the United States” with 21 million active daily users.


Pokémon can be found anywhere. When the application is open, it will alert you when Pokémon are nearby. The game uses your smartphone’s GPS signal to display your current location and immediate surroundings. Once you come into contact with a Pokémon, you use a Pokéball to try to capture the virtual creature. There are seveal Pokémon gyms and PokéStops located within San Benito. For example, St. Teresa Catholic Church is a PokéStop and there are multiple Pokémon gyms throughout San Benito.



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