HOLIDAY HEARTBREAK- Woman placed on life support after giving birth


Like most people this time of year, San Benito resident Eddie Ramirez knew exactly what he wanted on his Christmas wish-list. But it wasn’t anything you could put in a gift-box.

Since last month, Eddie has been hoping and praying for the health of his new-born son Emilio and his girlfriend Maria Rodriguez, who prematurely went into labor just 23 weeks into her pregnancy.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Ramirez’s wish will be granted, a notion that has left him heartbroken this  Christmas.

“I’m hurt, scared, mad, lost… It’s hard when you know in your heart that she is not the person that should have to be going through this, no one should,” said Ramirez just two days after doctors told him that his girlfriend was not going to make it.

Ramirez, 30, a 2003 San Benito High School graduate, had his world turned upside down last month on November 17, when Rodriguez went into labor prematurely.  She was immediately placed in ICU and has remained there ever since, but complications with the pregnancy continued to worsen as the weeks went by, and she was eventually placed on life support.


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 *EDITOR’S NOTE-  At the time of publication, Rodriguez was reported to still be on life support.  Sadly, we now report that she passed away late last night. 




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