Our So Called “Obnoxious and Irritating” Fans

By STEVEN RAY HERNANDEZ 2015-04-01 11.30.44


“Be prepared for the most obnoxious and irritating team you ever played.”  That was a quote taken from social media this past week, warning a New Braunfel’s area citizen about the Lady ‘Hound’s softball fans.

Well, the individual who posted the above comment had two things right about her warning; the first two words that is: “Be prepared.”

If you call some of the most dedicated fans Texas high school sports has ever seen obnoxious and irritating, you better have something to back it up, other than the fact that you’re upset your team lost to their team in the previous week.

I just don’t understand how one could generate a negative comment about our local fans when they are doing what fans by definition are suppose to do. Yes, we are loud: HELLO, that’s the whole point! Yes, we bring our own noise-makers: HELLO, that’s the whole point.
And Yes, we follow our team no matter how far away they are playing to root them on: HELLO, that’s the whole point!

And of course, they proved it once again this week in Corpus Christi, where an overwhelming crowd of San Benito supporters showed up, outnumbering New Braunfels 5-1, at the very least.

That was the exact same case the week prior as well when the Lady ‘Hounds (who had suffered only their second loss of the season in the Sweet 16 round against San Antonio O ‘Connor on a Friday night) came back in resounding fashion the next day to win 2 games in a row in a best of three series against O ‘Connor.  And if you don’t give at least some of the credit to that of the countless dedicated fans that rented hotels and cars just to travel up and watch the entire series, than you my friend, have never played sports.

There is something about an overwhelming amount of support from your hometown that can lift a player’s spirits, especially when facing much adversity, as the Lady ‘Hounds were last Saturday.  Instead of being disappointed in the Lady ‘Hounds Friday night loss, a proud crowd of parents and fans came back Saturday afternoon and cheered them on even harder, helping boost San Benito’s confidence and performance en route to a Sweet 16 victory.
And when they lost in game 2 this past Saturday, they did the exact same thing in game 3, cheering San Benito on throughout every play, while the New Braunfel’s fans barely made any noise, even when their team had bases loaded in the bottom of the 7th and a chance to take the series away with a grand slam. San Benito fans have been there throughout the entire season and rest assured they will continue on this week as well as the Lady ‘Hounds return to the state tournament for the second time in 3 season.

In fact, I recall a similar example in 2005, when the Greyhound football squad boasted one of their most impressive seasons in team history.  An estimated 500 or so San Benito citizens filled the Alamodome in San Antonio that year to cheer on the team, even though they were huge underdogs after losing their star quarterback Randy Reza.  But that didn’t matter to them.  I remember people saying they had absolutely no money to attend the game, but that didn’t stop them from figuring out a way to go support their team.  After all, that’s the way San Benito fans have always been, speaking as a former Greyhound Tri-athlete myself.

Bottom line is this:  As long as there is no verbal/physical disrespect or profanity coming from a team’s fan-base, obnoxious and irritating are not words that constitute a valid description of said fans. In other words, get over it, your team lost. The end.


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