Former SB police officer shoots dog in face, community outraged—>(WARNING- graphic images inside)

By STEVEN RAY HERNANDEZ                                                Dog owner Fernando Baez is shown talking with           Editor                                                                                              police after his dog was shot in the mouth by a former                                                         San Benito police officer. 

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The local community is outraged after a former San Benito police officer fired three shots at an American Pit Bull Terrier off the 400 block of White Wing Street Thursday night, striking him in the mouth and breaking his jaw after he claims the dog was loose and attacked his dog on his property.

According to property documents, former San Benito police officer Ezequiel “Zeke” Torres lives at the residence where the incident occurred and is believed to be the “shooter” involved.

Co-owner of the dog and San Benito resident Fernando Baez, who breeds the terriers with another neighbor, says his dog “Gordo” has never hurt anyone before and that this incident should have “never happened.”

“The guy went too far, he’s a cop, he should know procedure,” Baez said Friday afternoon after a verbal argument Dog Shot Combined onlinebetween him and the former officer prompted San Benito police to make a return visit to the original site of the incident. “Here’s what scared me. The guy admitted to me that he’s legally blind in one eye completely and that his vision is going out in the other eye.  And so he makes the decision and instead of calling the pound, he goes inside and comes back outside with gloves and shoots my dog… Why not let the cops do what they do. Just like he called them (cops) right now, why couldn’t he call them yesterday? Hey, there’s a dog loose, come pick him up, we’ll bail him out and everyone’s happy,” he added.

According to Baez, Gordo was taken to a local veterinarian this morning to undergo an emergency surgery procedure and to remove the bullet(s) lodged in his jaw. He noted that the medical expenses were already estimated at about $1,000.

According to the San Benito Police Department, who confirmed that the shooter was in fact a former SB police officer, the incident occurred around 7:00 p.m. Thursday night and officers were dispatched in response to a shots-fired call.

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