THE DOWNLOAD: Don’t Hate the Player; Hate the Game


Jacob Lopez

Jacob Lopez


Elections are coming, and the chatter on our website is picking up. People are passionate, and they get angry – constantly.

When it comes to calling candidates and politicians, some will happily answer. Others will dodge us, and some are just unable to get back to us for one reason or another – it happens. Occasionally, someone will refuse to comment. That happens, too. We understand. Everyone is within their right to do that.

I, for my part, do my best to keep things civil. I will join in the discussion sometimes, but I usually try to leave it to the readers to speak, even when they are throwing ad hominem attacks at the newspaper’s staff. I usually take solace in knowing that I am pretty visible and don’t hide behind an online identity to speak.keyboardwarriors


Anywho, I recently posted the following on our website:

Hey everyone,

We definitely appreciate the comments. We’re also glad that people are reading our paper and have something to say about our stories.

Juan is also correct, we’re not flawless, but we work to the best of our abilities with what we have.

As for “unreachable,” there is good reason we use that word. Unreachable can be a number of things: the person did not return our calls, the contact information we received wasn’t current or maybe they were genuinely busy and couldn’t get back to us before presstime.

It’s worth knowing that unreachable doesn’t always mean the person was avoiding us. It just really means we couldn’t get in touch with each other for one reason or another. Sometimes we just miss each other. Other times, we aren’t able to get ahold of them before the paper goes to print. We have to consider that life happens, and many of them are busy and work full-time jobs.

However, there are those who decline to comment. In those cases, we will note it as such. Sometimes, we will even note when repeated attempts go ignored. (Anyone who has been reading the News for a while will remember those columns).

Thanks for commenting, everyone!

Somehow, that was misconstrued by one commenter as my trying to insult their intelligence. Yeah…I won’t even get into that one.

We also do our best to reach out to everyone who is running. Rather, we have done our best. Many of those who were running – or planning to run – came to us after submitting their packets.

It should also be known that we typically run press releases when the office-seekers announce their intent to run. This is because those persons took it upon themselves to put together campaign ads and a press release so they can email it to local media. You can’t fault them for that. They just knew how to play the game. And as they say, don’t hate the player …

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