Street repair talks continue

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The San Benito City Commission held a special workshop Monday, Feb. 2 to discuss the rehabilitation of three private streets which had been previously placed on the agenda of a regularly-scheduled meeting last month.

The streets up for discussion were Railroad Road (paving and utilities), Roberts Drive and Schneider Road (paving and utilities). “I put Schneider Road on the agenda,” said City Commissioner Joe D. Gonzalez, “because I was called by a citizen regarding a garbage situation. But then I noticed that the street has fillings. Another citizen stopped by referencing the water line. I started questioning why we were putting in water lines. I think that is totally unethical.”

Gonzalez further said, “Schneider (Rd.) was annexed by the county in 1976. It’s a public road, but not dedicated to the City. I took it off the agenda because I saw (City Manager Manuel) Lara had already put it on the list.”

To that end, Lara said, “It’s my fault. All three of those are private roads. We cannot spend tax dollars on a private road.”

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