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In light of the district-wide lockdown that we recently experienced, we would like to inform parents, the community and the public at large about the importance of keeping everyone safe and free of harm’s way during an emergency and/or potential crisis.

Notification Codes/Procedures

With that said, I would like to take an opportunity to provide information about the types of notification codes that the school district uses during an emergency and/or potential threat or crisis:

Code Red – armed intruder/individual on campus or nearby

Code Blue – medical emergency on campus

Code Green – lost child or runaway

Code Yellow – severe or dangerous weather

Code Black – bomb threat

Code SOS – fight

It’s important to note that the Code Red lockdown procedure is activated when law enforcement officers are searching for a suspect near a school or when an intruder invades a campus. When this code is activated, all doors, windows, classrooms and administrative offices are locked. Students and staff members remain in their locked classrooms and/or offices until the “all clear” message is given.

Please understand that under strict adherence to the district’s lockdown procedures, NO ONE will be allowed to enter or leave the building until after the lockdown has been lifted. This action is taken in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

Please keep in mind that the schools are instructed to activate certain lockdown procedures under the advice of local authorities. The majority of the time this is necessary and must be implemented as a precautionary measure to keep all students and staff safe.

During a crisis, the school district’s police and security department personnel work closely with local law enforcement agencies and/or county law enforcement agencies and authorities when, and if, necessary.

Staff Training/Drills

It’s important to note that campus administrators and staff members have been trained according to San Benito CISD’s crisis procedures to help prepare our schools for an actual crisis.

The campuses conduct drills, such as lockdown drills and fire drills. Mock drills are also held.


If the district experiences a crisis situation, parents will receive an automated phone message notifying them of such. When the district activates a code, we urge parents to remain calm and patient and wait for further updates. The district has these lockdown systems in place for the safety and security of all students and staff. Again, the majority of the times, these procedures are activated as a precautionary measure.

The district’s phone messaging system will alert parents using the phone number on file; therefore, it’s important for parents to update contact information with your child’s school.

The district will post “official” and “factual” information to the district’s web page (, the district’s official Facebook page ( and KSBG-TV 17. Parents can also check updates via the local news media.

If the event warrants, a letter will be sent home with your child informing parents about the incident/situation. The district places great emphasis on communicating with our parents, and as such, we will do our best to keep parents informed about major incidents as quickly as possible.

Finally, during a school crisis, please DO NOT believe “rumors” that you may hear via social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, etc. Please talk to your children about the consequences of posting rumors or false information that has not yet been confirmed. Again, the school district will keep parents updated with official information via district’s phone messaging system, the district’s website, the district’s Facebook page and KSBG-TV 17. Parents are encouraged to monitor local news reports.

Thank you for your partnership in ensuring the safety and welfare our students and staff.

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