Limón to transition into new position as Asst. Superintendent of Human Resources

By Angelica Chavez

Special to the NEWS

In continuance of his long-lived career with San Benito CISD, Antonio G. Limón is prepared to transition into his upcoming job as Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources within SBCISD.

Under new superintendent Dr. Marc A. Puig’s supervision, Limón will be expected to take responsibility for the operation and administration of services related to certified and classified personnel.

Limón will be working in accordance with Human Resource Director, Joel Wood, former principal of Riverside Middle School.

The Human Resource Director position currently occupied by Wood was last held by Limón in 2004 before he became district superintendent.

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  1. How the world turns in our little town of San Benito that is being controlled by a bunch of misfit wannabe politicians.. Great example is our school board members’. There was so much trash talked about the previous majority and the newly elected misfits have done nothing but ruin our school districts moral, finances and children’s education. This move with Limon was a sour one from the get go, they gave him a two year contract extension! What in the world where these knuckleheads thinking.. It’s was proven Limon was a horrible leader and they still brought him back just to get rid of him. Bunch of Hippocrates if you ask me.. Just a bunch of tax dollars thrown away. This newly elected bunch as to be the worst bunch of board members ever elected and it’s been proven. May 2015 can’t come fast enough, vote smart and this year your vote will not be tampered with. Voter fraud will be eliminated, trust me..

    • Frank M. on January 5, 2015 at 9:25 pm
    • Reply

    Now, this lovely board expects Mr. Limon to say that the district is over staff. Don’t do it, sir. Those words “we are over staff” are the board president words.Just watch the videoed school board meetings. At least the past board president never used those words.
    Now, this new supt. Wants Mr. Limon to be the bad guy.
    Good luck, new superintendent.
    Mr. Limon has spent 26 years in this distinct… He knows the game especially when it comes to this particular board. He will stand tall just like he did with those dumb 60 allegations that board president woman tired to stick to him. He came back with a two year nice salary.
    Let the “OVER STAFF GAME” begin… Can’t wait to see who will run for this school board.
    The buzz has started……

      • CAVA Supporter on January 8, 2015 at 12:02 pm
      • Reply

      Unbelievable! There will be no winners here. Too bad the new super didn’t have enough pantalones to stand up to Super Arnold and his puppets so he could hire his own staff!

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