UNDER NEW LEADERSHIP: Dr. Puig to Begin superintendency on Jan. 5

Dr. Marc Puig

Dr. Marc Puig


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Dr. Marc A. Puig, lone finalist for superintendent of SBCISD, will officially begin on Jan. 5.

The San Benito CISD School District Board of Trustees met to consider a contract agreement for lone superintendent finalist at the John F. Barron Administration Building Tuesday. Dr Puig and his wife were in attendance and were all smiles afterward when asked for comment.

“We’re incredibly excited about joining this beautiful community and making a contribution to San Benito, and really collaborating — cooperating — with everyone to make this the greatest educational experience for the children of San Benito,” he said.

School board president Arnold Padilla said the contract agreement was unanimously approved by the board. “We’re just waiting on the signature,” Padilla said during a phone interview Thursday. “We, as a board, have full confidence in his abilities,” he said.

According to Padilla, the district’s search for superintendent was a national one, but members were impressed with Puig’s experiences outside of education. “Puig brings superintendent experience, as well as executive management experience and business experience,” Padilla said. It’s something Padilla hopes will aid in improving the district’s financial issues, he said. “It’s an exciting opportunity for our district to move forward,” Padilla said.

Dr. Puig “spent seven years in the corporate world as an account executive, research analyst, and project manager,” according to a district press release obtained by the San Benito News Friday.

Dr. Puig, who most recently served as “superintendent of schools at Culberson County-Allamoore ISD” was also awarded “the Region 18 Superintendent of the Year Award,” according to the press release. He also serves as a teacher and mentor to fellow administrators-in-training, serving “as a mentor superintendent for the Texas Association of School Administrators Learning for Leadership Program.”

Dr. Puig earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Texas at Arlington, and completed his doctorate in education degree at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in May of this year, according to the release.

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  1. I have faith that Dr.Puig is smart enough to read through certain peoples BS. We’ll find out sooner rather than later if Dr.Puig will make a positive impact to our school district. The biggest target and you don’t have to be a genius to figure it out is certain central office staff. In any corporation when leadership is changed you start cleaning house from the top down, so Dr.Puig do yourself a favor and start investigating the responsibilities of the administrators in central office and you will find major incompetence. Hint: Dr.Greer and Emma McAll are the most obvious but all you have to do is your job and they will be exposed…. Good luck and hopefully the ticks will start jumping of the carcass soon!!!

  2. @Judy
    Very well said.. Now, we must come together and vote these board members out.. Word on the street and amongst several educators their sick of Ana Cruz( an what she stands for) and Fatima Huerta will go where it benefits her the most. Don’t be surprised if you see Ana Cruz and Fatmia Huerta as BFF’s again just to try to win a re-election bid. On the other hand, there’s the previous board president who was scrutinized for a whole year straight and now she’s outshining the new board president.. This is a prime example that the newly elected board members came in with an agenda and our educators not students where on it!! By the way, Arnold Padilla showed no class the last board meeting, when he recognized the new super and couldn’t even give a farewell ” Thank You or Good bye” to Mr.Limon which was his last board meeting as our super.. I felt he should of since Arnold brought him back with a 2 year extension.. Bottom line, ANA Cruz and Fatima Huerta will not get re-elected and whoever runs against these incumbents will get a free ticket…

    • Judy on December 19, 2014 at 9:11 pm
    • Reply

    Interesting how the lead superintendent consultant Dr. Alanis lives in McAllen and guess where Mr. Board President went to work…. McAllen… nothing surprises us anymore… they should have selected Mr. McShan as the consultant for this supt. search… the new supt comes from a school district of 400 students…as someone said earlier… this is the best the board could do….
    AND he gets a built in pay raise and all of SBCISD employees will not get one… just watch… remember the Board President’s words, “we are overstaff”…. The last time I checked the board president has never been an educator so please do not say “we”… you are not one of us …. you are an elected official and believe me, we can’t wait for May 2015 to come…. people who truly care about the children will get elected.
    All the other school districts, including the board president’s favorite school district Los Fresnos, are shining bright…. SBCISD has a very very dim light thanks to board members who care about their friends and not the children.
    AND Yes, those people mention earlier did get a raise… and we don’t care what the reason is… all employees should be treated fairly…. However, this is not the San Benito CISD way!

  3. The privileged few who got a raise and are allowed to get over are close friends and family to the certain board members and it’s been proven. It’s been four years since the last raise was given. If the board is using an excuse that we have no money than why it is ok that Arnold Padilla brother get a $6k( plus over time), Ana Cruz approved $1 million dollar program( by the way, it’s an instructional program that it useless, people just ask our educators) plus Ana brought her friend from Brownsville to run the program at $105 k per year, basically making her an additional administrator, Oscar Medrano brought back his BFF after he has left the district four times prior. Felix is now the head secretary for Ana Program which is basically Dr. Greer hiring him again with a pay raise as well. We all know what the Huerta’s did for their family. People of our community we reach out to you to make an educated change this coming election that will change our district in positive direction. Our newly elected board members are a total joke and we have to live with that mistake for 2 more years but come 2015 together we can take a huge step forward my voting Ana Cruz and Fatima Huerta out!!!!! They have done nothing for the educators and our children. Fatima has said maybe 1 word the past 3 years.. Gotta go Ana Cruz and Fatima Huerta’s.. Good day!!!!

    • Juan on December 18, 2014 at 7:20 am
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    Wonder what Dr.Puig must think of the school board he has just signed on to help ?
    Employee’s whose only goal is their insurance,provided them by the school system,and how their number of sick days stack up to another system.Who’s furnishing the tamales for their social.Not a word about the students well being,or education,only the employee’s.Wonder what his first impressions are,but then again since the board hired him,he may fit right in.

    • Sam on December 17, 2014 at 3:59 pm
    • Reply

    Thank you, “private”. I totally forgot about our sick days. Let me inform the community what we’re talking about. At SB we’re allotted 8 sick days per year – 5 from the state and 3 from the school districts. (I think all other school districts offer a true 10 sick days) The 5 from the state we don’t use annually roll over for the next year but the 3 from our school district don’t. Any unused days from the school in the past years we would get paid $40 dollars at the end of the year, an incentive not to use them. For the last 3 or 4 years if we want to use the school district days they dock the SB staff member $60.00 per day. I’m not sure if any other district does that but SB surely does. What makes matters worse is if you’re at VMA or the high school, not sure about elementary, we do not have enough substitutes so teachers have to cover teachers who are out. The question is why do we not have enough substitutes? Well, the low pay and we have one of the longest days compared to the other school districts or elementary regular school hours.

    • Bonus on December 17, 2014 at 12:24 pm
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    This year’s employee bonus: a waste of gas and tamales.

    Gotta love it.

    Looking forward to the State of the District Address January 19th.

    Until then, the endless spreading of the new superintendent’s profile pics are all we have to (not) look forward to.

    Happy Holidays!

    • private on December 17, 2014 at 8:26 am
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    If you want academics to improve, which should be the main priority of the board, you need to start paying like you do. You are going to keep getting what you put in! Not only did SB employees take a pay cut with this new insurance…they also have to pay for five of their sick day while EVERY district gets them for free. Geez even T.A’s at Idea get more sick days!

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