BREAKING: Dr. Puig to sign contract with SBCISD tonight

Dr. Marc Puig

Dr. Marc Puig

Lone finalist for SBCISD superintendent Dr. Marc A. Puig was in the John F. Barron Administration Building board room on Tuesday night to sign his contract with the district.

Puig said, “We’re incredibly excited about joining this beautiful community and making a contribution to San Benito, and really collaborating — cooperating — with everyone to make this the greatest educational experience for the children of San Benito.”

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    • Liz on December 15, 2014 at 10:39 am
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    Well maybe just maybe, Mr.Puig will come in and turn things around in our district we are on the verge of losing another batch of great teachers to other districts that actually take care of their teachers and staff not just the administration office. The board does not realize that we have not had a raise in over 4 years and the bonus that we did receive were greatly appreciated and in need. But it has been brought to some peoples attention that some employees do receive raises under the table before the new super takes office. HMMMM
    Our students and teachers should be the first priority happy teachers make great teachers that make great students, just saying .

  1. @James
    Your absolutely right and we have to thank our wonderful school board for that. They spend a lot of tax payer dollars to hire a firm to do their dirty work and this is the best we got. The clueless board could have hired and probably chosen this super with paying a consulting firm, but if this fails they have a security blanket to blame. I have to agree with the word on the street, that this is the worst board ever assembled in San Benito we should be ashamed of ourselves to have allowed these folks to get elected. I also agree with the previous tax payers that Ana Cruz must go badly!!! She won’t win even with voter fraud on her side… Trust me!!! We are tired of this self centered women..

    • James on December 12, 2014 at 7:53 pm
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    This “super” comes from a dusty little town named Van Horn, about a hundred miles east of El Paso. Van Horn
    is basically one big truck stop where people live nearby. It survives due to the traffic to and from El Paso. And this is the best San Benny could do….

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