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As the San Benito Housing Authority begins its search for a new executive director following the resignation of Arnold Padilla, Finance Director Janet Velez has been named the interim executive director.

Padilla is currently working to make Velez’s transition smooth as preparations are made for the hiring of a new executive director. Padilla, however, said he is “not involved at all” in the hiring process.

“I have no involvement with the search, nor the process for the replacement. Those duties have been encumbered upon the interim …” he said.

Padilla’s duties are currently to assist Velez and the agency in getting coordinated with his departure so “there are no issues as I vacate my position,” he added.

Still, Padilla said he is confident of the transition. Also, Padilla noted that his staff consists of individuals who are qualified, adding, “I truly believe that the agency will succeed and continue to succeed.”

In the meantime, it will likely take six to eight weeks, though there is no set timeframe, for the hiring of a new director. While that search “may be a little trying on them,” Padilla says he has “full faith” in officials’ ability to fill the position without issue.

With regard to the future director, Padilla said, “The only thing that I would offer to whoever does step in, is that they have the understanding that they do have qualified people here and they need to work with them…”

The agency’s board convened in executive session Tuesday, Oct. 14, to discuss the scope of the search.


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