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Jacob Lopez

Jacob Lopez

The long-rumored Apple Watch is a thing now.

I look forward to the Apple Watch. I enjoy Apple’s products. That said, I’m not one of those fanboys who takes every marketing sheet that comes from the iPhone maker as pericope lifted from the Gospel of [late Apple co-founder Steve] Jobs. I just like cool gadgets.

Along with laptops, smartphones and tablets, wearable technology is on track for becoming more than an industry buzzword — it’s becoming a part of our everyday lives.

For some, this is a sign that the worst is yet to come. Privacy concerns have become a hot button issue, and it’s almost impossible these days to do so much as enjoy dinner without that one friend tagging you on Facebook. We all have that friend.

I tend to embrace new technology. I like the fact that much of the world is always connected.

I’m genuinely fascinated by the rise in citizen journalism. In the past, all we had was mainstream media to provide us with everyday news.

Now we have millions of people, and sometimes thousands at any given event who can provide on-site, up-to-the-minute coverage, photos, videos and real-life experiences from the frontlines.

One of the most interesting stories I followed was a massive shootout in Matamoros, Mexico some years back. It was just as the border wars were entering the spotlight. Citizens were Tweeting, uploading photos, capturing video for YouTube and sharing their first-hand accounts of violence that was going on near their homes. I remember one lady posting a Tweet about how her front porch was full of bullet holes.

Also interesting is the idea of sharing everyday thoughts with those who are willing to listen.

A post as simple as “Does anyone know of some good vegan restaurants in McAllen?” can bring in a handful of responses and help me find a meal based on friends’ recommendations.

Devices like the Apple Watch will only serve to make us even more connected. Rather than pulling out your iPhone to text a friend or send a Tweet, people will use the built-in dictation software to have their speech converted to text and send a message.

Love it or hate it, we are now more connected than ever.


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