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At a special Tuesday, July 8 meeting of the San Benito Consolidated Independent School District, the Board of Trustees approved three action items that may mean possible termination of three of the district’s medical and pharmaceutical providers.

SBCISD Board President Arnold Padilla said, “The Trustees felt we needed to open up an opportunity to third party medical (service providers) –- pharmaceutical, diabetic pharmaceutical and health plan. In doing so, we have currently advertised and put on the web a solicitation for third party administrators (to apply with the district).

Regarding the 60-day termination notices sent to Assured Benefits Administrators, Data Rx Management Inc., RxSense Prescription Management L.L.C., and Liberty Medical Supply Inc., Padilla said, “It’s a procedure issue, that’s all it is.”

Padilla further stated, “There’s still an opportunity for current service (providers) to continue providing services if the current companies submit proposals and happen to be the company of highest rank.”

“This procedure,” said Padilla of the 60-day termination notices being sent to the district’s aforementioned current vendors, “must be done to move forward – to move forward (either) with continuation or change in providers.”

Superintendent of Schools Antonio G. Limón said, “The reason (the aforementioned companies) received termination notices is because the board has gone out for proposals of new services. If one of the new services is chosen, (respective) old services need to be terminated.”

As of now, the district is accepting proposal submissions through its website. “Once proposals come in, the Superintendent and team will evaluate the proposals and make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees for selection to move forward,” Padilla said.

“We may continue as we are now,” Padilla said of the fact it is possible current vendors may provide the winning bid. Each vendor who submits a proposal to the district will reportedly be ranked according to factors such as: cost, the coverage they will provide district employees and their overall services.

Limón said, “I think the board is trying to find the best value for the district as well as the employees. The board is always looking for ways to save money for the district.”

“Overall,” Padilla said, “This is a simple process of notifying current (vendors) of a 60-day possible termination if they are not selected moving forward. Knowing and understanding we have a search out, we have to notify current vendors with a notification to terminate.”


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