SBASC COMMITTEE: Why should the AD search go statewide? And can we see that list of applicants now… please?

Greyhound logo (90s)The San Benito “Anti-Selection Committee” Committee is a group of citizens formed to hold accountable the actions of San Benito CISD administrators during their search for a new head football coach and athletic director. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re not fans of selection committees doing the job that the aforementioned administrators and elected officials are responsible for… but our little club is okay. Together, we plan to offer commentary on hot button issues currently buzzing during the AD/head football coach search. Expect us to offer our two cents every weekend in the San Benito News.



Michael Rodriguez San Benito High School Class of 1999

Michael Rodriguez
San Benito High School
Class of 1999

My first impression of Champions Consulting can be summed up in five words: They know what they’re doing. The firm’s services were acquired Monday, consultants met with SBCISD officials Wednesday, their recommendations were met with an affirmative on Thursday and by Friday we finally had (wait for it)… clarity! Hallelujah! Gone are the days of wondering when the deadline to apply for the head football coach/athletic director gig expired, whether the district advertised for the post statewide, or simply to hear something… anything about the search.

So say what you will about spending $10,000 on a consultant (and I’d usually be inclined to agree with those who criticize the move as an unnecessary expense), but you have to admit that the search is progressing much smoother now than when it was in the hands of administrators. Whether this means that there is instability within the administration is up to you, the public, to debate.

All things considered, and to be quite honest, I was taken aback when I learned that the district had not posted the job with any well-known, state-wide athletic networks. Obviously you wouldn’t exclusively advertise with Region One and on Champions recognized that and corrected it. Kudos. Now get us that list of applicants!


Francisco E. Jimenez San Benito High School Class of 2006

Francisco E. Jimenez
San Benito High School
Class of 2006

The good news is that the school district has already acquired a list of potential head coach and athletic director candidates for the new consultant to examine before he makes his decision.

The bad news is that apparently the list of candidates only encompasses this region of the state, Region One. Not that there aren’t any qualified candidates in this area, but for all the hoopla and money designated for this position, you would think that someone would want to advertise for the position in more than one area.

If a hunter is at a lease and wants to find the biggest buck with the highest number of points (individual tines on the antlers), wouldn’t it be wiser to search the entirety of the said lease as opposed to say just one corner of the lease?

Sure, you might get lucky, but more times than not you’re going to go home without that trophy… buck.

When I was asked to be a part of this satirical committee, it was with the understanding that we were going to be the voice of un-reason. Just about everything we would say would be said in jest, because how could reality be any crazier than satire? Right?


Heather Cathleen Cox Harlingen High School Honorary Greyhound

Heather Cathleen Cox
Harlingen High School
Honorary Greyhound

Thank you, oh fellow “Anti-Selection Committee” Committee members, for hazing this Harlingen Cardinal turned Honorary Greyhound last week. I like the title, “Honorary Greyhound,” and will wear it with pride whenever I am in San Benito. I do, however, ask that there are no hard feelings at the next Battle of the Arroyo, when I’m cheering as Red and Black ATTACK and the Greyhounds run back to the dog coop like scared little puppies.

Michael Rodriguez (ASCC) pic2And let’s clear this up: Yes, I did wear purple for a week when the Cardinals lost to the ’Hounds at the BOTA 2012. Thanks to Julian of Chuy’s Custom Sports who gifted me the shirt in this pic of me, which Michael Scott Rodriguez insists on using. I am not ashamed of the pic; I took it myself. Unlike this photo of him, caught red-handed showing his “true feathers.” Looks like Cardinal love to me.

But enough with the banter. We’re here to talk selection. Greyhounds are a mighty team, a force even. So why not shop near AND far for a head coach? Expanding the search to other parts of this great state may help ensure the ’Hounds find the perfect coach…unless of course the hiring powers that be have their own agenda? Surely not.


Rebecca Lynn Martinez San Benito High School Class of 1999

Rebecca Lynn Martinez
San Benito High School
Class of 1999

Momma always said life is like a box of chocolates… You never know what you’re gonna get. Well, this momma couldn’t disagree more. I for one want to know what I’m getting. And having options and knowing exactly what you’re looking for is the best way to achieve this.

I take my job as a mother very seriously and I want what is best for my kids. Giving them what they deserve rather than making decisions on my own personal likes and dislikes or what is convenient for me. Hey, no one said being a mom would be easy. But as my loving mother has told be before, “No one told you to have all those kids. That was your choice so now live with it.” Love you, mom! The point being even with the simple things in life such as going for ice cream, why choose the local treat spots? Limiting the choices maybe to the three most common flavors? Boring! Why not take them to the BR 31 flavors hot spot. Yes, it’s a long drive out to McAllen, but just think of all the options they would have.

To answer the question of whether San Benito CISD should post the AD job statewide, the answer is a resounding yes. Let’s just be sure that San Benito picks another flavor besides Rocky Road.


Hector Avila El Greyhound Mayor In Spanish: Mah-yor

Hector Avila
El Greyhound Mayor
In Spanish: Mah-yor

Well, Champions Consulting is now doing the search for the new coach/AD, but we still can’t get the coaching applicants’ names that have applied, that is a top secret classified document.

Even Wiki Leaks has no information! We might have to fly spy drones over the board meeting to get the names.

Other than the school website, I haven’t seen any ads on any newspapers or website yet to advertise the position; I sure hope they do though to get the best possible candidates.

So yes, advertising statewide, to answer the question posed above, is the best decision to make. Not only will we get a bigger crop of applicants, which I understand is around the 16-20 mark, but a more versatile pool of coaches. I don’t know about you, but that’s one list I’d like to see once the deadline to apply is up.

Speaking of that applicant list, maybe those Special Ops guys that got Osama Bin Laden can retrieve it!


Who else is dying to see who’s on that list now?


Andrea Mosqueda San Benito High School Class of 2014

Andrea Mosqueda
San Benito High School
Class of 2014

So the “Anti-Selection Committee” Committee, though awesome and clearly the Jedi Master of all sports authorities, definitely needed a student to represent, so here I am.

Lucky you!

Currently, the discussion is this: should SBCISD administrators search statewide for their new head coach? I say: GO FOR IT!

It seems that every time the Greyhounds play a non-Valley team, they get the pants beaten off of them. Correct me if I’m wrong, but perhaps we could use an outsider to tell us if—this might be a shocker—maybe, just maybe, our team is doing something wrong.

GASP! Yes, hard to imagine. Suspend your disbelief for a moment, and imagine how we might benefit from some non-Valley coaching.

In a town divided by political and social unrest, with a Board of Trustees who can’t seem to agree on anything, perhaps we need a fresh pair of eyes, someone who isn’t familiar with the bad blood in the area, to help us pick our way out of the mess we’ve made.

Clearly, I’m right. I’m 5’2”, completely uncoordinated, and the closest I’ve come to the word “ball” is when the word “cotillion” comes before it. Obviously, I am the ultimate authority on these matters.


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  1. It just might work. Get the players ready in the wt rooms and running to increase speed (pulling Tractor tires for the linemen) and ankle wts. for the rest of the team Get them ready with ideas on what they need to work on to improve themselves during the summer. Gain wt lose wt never stop lifting wts. All in anticipation for the new football season. Maybe the school’s student council can have a school drive to recruit new players. Or better yet just stay indoors and play video games or worry about what to wear or what to drive to school or the girl friend . One thing for sure if you decide to sit it out to focus on the academics then that is the sign of true champion.

    • Hounder50 on February 7, 2014 at 11:58 pm
    • Reply

    I believe the Special Ops unit is getting ready to go on a mission to get the list now. They’re calling it Operation “So Dam Insane”.

    • Greyhoundfan44 on February 7, 2014 at 9:39 pm
    • Reply

    Sounds to me like champions consulting was worth every penny!
    So when can we expect to see the list?

    • dumb on February 7, 2014 at 9:36 pm
    • Reply

    There is a job board that coaches go to around the state. Texas High School Coaches Association that is where you can advertise a coaching job for the entire state to look at…hmmm I wonder if the smart group of board members that SB has to offer knew this…I think not but what do you expect they don’t know the first thing about hiring a football coach welcome to reality folks…That is why SB should have a permanent Superintendent in place who has a clue could advertise this job to the state of Texas for all to apply.. it is a joke, its embarrassing to all who are from the town of San Benito to be led by a group of misfits that don’t have a clue…

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