SBASC COMMITTEE: Stop the Press! A Cardinal Wants In? And what’s up with the whole Rusty Dowling thing?

Greyhound logo (90s)The San Benito “Anti-Selection Committee” Committee is a group of citizens formed to hold accountable the actions of San Benito CISD administrators during their search for a new head football coach and athletic director. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re not fans of selection committees doing the job that the aforementioned administrators and elected officials are responsible for… but our little club is okay. Together, we plan to offer commentary on hot button issues currently buzzing during the AD/head football coach search. Expect us to offer our two cents every weekend in the San Benito News.



Heather Cathleen Cox Harlingen High School Honorary Greyhound

Heather Cathleen Cox
Harlingen High School
Honorary Greyhound

Hi. I’m Heather Cathleen Cox. You might know me from somewhere, but it assuredly isn’t sports-related. ESPN may as well be a four-lettered, dirty word in my house. That said, I believe that even though I’m a graduate of Harlingen High and a proud Cardinal, I am a perfect candidate to be a part of the San Benito “Anti-Selection Committee” Committee.

Why? Well, I know a thing or two about football. Seriously, my knowledge is limited to two things, so I hope there is no quiz at any point. Let’s get down to it. Thing #1: I like how teammates all play in unison, rallying for and around the ball. Shows camaraderie how they all wear matching uniforms. It’s adorbs. Thing #2, I really enjoy watching football live, so as to interact with other fans as they cheer on their favorite players!

My favorite football player, you ask? Hm. This is a tough one, but I’d have to go with Beckham. That’s right, David Beckham. Yes, I know we’re talking about football. European football, no?

Oh (crickets chirping)… the point of this committee is to discuss American football? Well you should’a said so. All I know about American football is that it’s America’s favorite pastime. Wait. What’s that? America’s favorite pastime is baseball?

Well, this has certainly been enlightening. And who’s Rusty Dowling anyway?


Michael Rodriguez San Benito High School Class of 1999

Michael Rodriguez
San Benito High School
Class of 1999

So Rusty Dowling wants out of San Benito and Heather Cathleen Cox wants in. Where did it all go wrong?

I suppose we should talk business first. With that said, I cannot speak for Dowling or why he decided to bail, but some have indicated that there was an issue with the contract. Still, contracts are negotiable, so I can only assume that San Benito—a hotbed of political activity—may not have been an environment he deemed ideal to work in. Then again, no situation is ideal when it concerns high school football and the accompanying politics/fanaticism associated with it. I was almost inclined to ask him, “Can’t take the heat?” But, after some thought, I figured he may have been right to drop us like a bad habit. Think about it. The school district he was to consult is essentially paying for two superintendents, two police chiefs and, at one point, two athletic directors; its Board of Trustees remains at war with each other and the community is just as divided.

And then there’s Heather, a Harlingen High School graduate who wants to contribute to a committee dedicated to scrutinizing the selection process of San Benito’s new head football coach. Well, because I know you’re an intelligent woman who strives for perfection, you’re in, Heather… But on one condition: The photo accompanying your weekly piece must be of your days as a Greyhound fan. Take it or leave it. Nice selfy, by the way.


Francisco E. Jimenez San Benito High School Class of 2006

Francisco E. Jimenez
San Benito High School
Class of 2006

We are only in our second week of existence and I have already forgotten the purpose of our itty bitty committee.

For instance, we were told to pen a response to Ms. Heather Cathleen Cox’ written perspective of the whole San Benito athletic director/head football coach issue… you know, from a Harlingen Cardinal fan’s point of view. I suppose her two cents were necessary to try to stir the pot, but stir the pot she did not. I came away with nothing after reading her point of view, or lack thereof.

As far as my opinion of Cardinal fans: I have none. While I suppose I understand our obligatory mutual disdain for one another, I just don’t really feel anything for or against these people (when it’s not high school football season). And if Cox (whom I know personally to be a very lovely and sincere individual) is any indication, then I am positive that they are all pleasant people (when it’s not high school football season). But why should you, or I, or anyone really care for their opinions? A lion does not concern himself with the opinions of sheep. Greyhounds do not concern themselves with the opinions of birds.

On a separate note, what is the deal with Rusty Dowling? Why pass up a chance to work in such a friendly environment like San Benito? If only we had some sort of committee for all of this…


Rebecca Lynn Martinez San Benito High School Class of 1999

Rebecca Lynn Martinez
San Benito High School
Class of 1999

Well, I am not one to judge someone I have never met. That is something I have to keep in mind in my line of work (law enforcement). Everyone has a story and a history. And my job is to assess the current situation with the information I have gathered and from past knowledge. So what do I know of you, Heather? Seems like you would like to attain a certain position to which your opinions will be seen or heard by the masses. Yet you stated yourself you really don’t have much to offer in terms of your knowledge.

And then there’s my first hand experiences back in high school basketball with the Cardinals. The opposing coach would get the girls to rack up the score to sub in the second string players. All the while, the first stringers sat on the bench laughing and taunting us. They didn’t even shake our hands. The Cards were a no mercy type of team, and from what I see now of most HHS graduates, they are forever faithful to their creed.

Are you a Trojan horse, or the keep your friends close and enemies closer type of deal? I suggest a boot camp-style initiation filled with exercises like burpees, push-ups, squats and a 3-mile run; all the while being asked Greyhound trivia. If you pass, you play.

Regarding Rusty Dowling, I suggest the next consultant, if there is one, be put through the same initiation process.


Hector Avila El Greyhound Mayor In Spanish: Mah-yor

Hector Avila
El Greyhound Mayor
In Spanish: Mah-yor

I guess it’s back to the drawing board now that Rusty Dowling took a one-way train to Splitsville. Holy moly! Caped Crusader where are you? Someone turn on the Bat Signal!

In the meantime, I’d like to welcome Heather to the “Anti-Selection Committee” Committee. Regarding your article, it’s American football we’re talking about. The football we’re talking about has brown leather and laces, weighs 13 pounds and is shaped like a fat, rounded saucer but has no lights nor is considered a UFO by any lengths. It can be kicked and tossed by guys who yell out names such as: “Hutt, 45, Hutt, 99, Omaha, Omaha… Hutt!”

Like soccer fans, American fans like to cheer together at games. We take it one step further by tailgating (setting up shop outside) and barbecuing before the game, eating ribs and talking football, but we don’t all necessarily enter the actual game. Go figure. In soccer, upon scoring a broadcaster yells “Goal!” Scoring in American football is usually indicated when the referees raise their arms up—a position Justin Bieber must be familiar with following his arrest. Celebration dances like a moonwalk, salsa or the dirty bird often ensue after a score.

No offense, Heather, but before you leave the Dark Side as a Harlingen Cardinal, you’ll have to show the Committee your allegiance by addressing Committee President Michael Rodriguez as Master Yoda!


Stacey Lee Gonzalez San Benito High School Class of 2010

Stacey Lee Gonzalez
San Benito High School
Class of 2010

It’s difficult to decide whether we should seriously consider Ms. Heather Cathleen Cox. On one hand, she’s a Harlingen High School graduate and staunch supporter of her beloved Cardinals (puke). On the other hand, she’s been known to don the purple and gold for an entire week (thanks in large part to losing a bet with the San Benito “Anti-Selection Committee” Committee’s fearless leader, Michael Rodriguez). Sure, she was forced to be a Greyhound for a week, but once a Greyhound, always a Greyhound… right?

Okay, so there’s clearly some ambiguity that needs to be addressed. I liked Rebecca’s idea of putting Heather through a Greyhound-style boot camp.

Hmm. Decisions, decisions. I suppose we should stop beating around the bush as this is clearly a case for the Magic 8 Ball.

Me: Should we welcome Harlingen Heather into our committee?

Magic 8 Ball: Signs point to yes.

There you have it. Welcome aboard, Heather!

On to more pressing matters. I hear that Rusty Dowling bailed on San Benito. Like my colleagues have suggested, I nominate our committee to conduct the search for a new head coach. As you can see, we’re obviously qualified for the job. You’d be fools to deny us.

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    • Peter "Pete" on February 2, 2014 at 11:08 pm
    • Reply

    Wow, you guys are intense! Bootcamp? Man, I’d say let her in and let her make the sandwiches and coffee during your reunions… but if you are going to put her through the bootcamp… please, let us know when and where… nothing better that watching girls workout! Is that Rebecca going to workout too? She is a looker! Call me!

    PS Rusty knew better than staying… all that political bs for what? HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL??? Give me a break, it is not THAT important.

    • James on February 1, 2014 at 1:35 pm
    • Reply

    At Martha, she just doesn’t get it! You would think she would have moved up to a Junior high or high school principal by now. Instead, she makes every attempt to climb the ladder the WRONG way. Hopefully, she is legit in her transactions.

  1. On the opposite end, by now i just have to propose the board get the Geico Caveman on board to find a new AD/Coach. Paying celebrities? What they need to do is show some integrity and get serious about hiring a new AD/Coach for the only stand alone 5A high school in the RGV . Don’t make it look harder than it seems. Get with it Man, Attention France! Deeper Sublime. Remember it ‘s more fun playing it smart. Maybe the board is thinking to hard ? 8 k to look for a coach ,man what will they think of next ?

    • richard on February 1, 2014 at 12:48 pm
    • Reply

    The new Head Coach/AD must be recommended to the board by the superintendent. The board can accept the superintendent’s recommendation or tell the superintendent to keep on looking. Once the board agrees with the recommendation of the superintendent they can vote to hire the person. That person does not work for the board. That person is supervised and works for the superintendent. Rusty Dowling could not in all fairness recommend someone to an interim superintendent which in turn would recommend to the board. I respect a man of integrity that stands by his principles.

    • Get A Clue on February 1, 2014 at 1:39 am
    • Reply

    Really? I man really? The only people that should be involved in the process, since the “Anti-Selection Committee-Committee” will not be chosen, should be the Superintendent and maybe the principal of the high school. Why would you include the second in command or anyone else for that matter. The thought of just using a minimal standard obviously escapes them. Please people. 1) set up standards 2) take applications 3) interview 4) top three interview 5) new A.D. that is an A.D. not just head coach. oh yea 6) we win….win….win….
    Pride people, lets get it back. And if all else fails, lets just get the magic 8-ball to go through the applications one at a time…..1) This one-signs point to yes, 2)this one -ask again later 3) this one – better not tell you now 4) this one – outlook not so good 5) this one – without a doubt. I got one of them fancy black fortune telling balls.

    • No way on January 31, 2014 at 11:07 pm
    • Reply

    Richard, none of those people should be on the committee. Every single one of them have ties to the board lady who wants to be a supt. No trust for any of them. Dr. Cantu is mrs board lady puppet.

    • Martha on January 31, 2014 at 11:03 pm
    • Reply

    No SUPRISE that Mr. Dowling left… So how much did he end up getting paid for his days of work? This BOARD NEEDS TO GET A CLUE!
    And while you are at it, STOP PAYING FOR TWO SUPERINTENDENTS!
    Gonzalez needs to pay attention to her elementary school because you are NOT THE SUPT. Good try!

    • Ritchie Valens on January 31, 2014 at 10:36 pm
    • Reply

    He is so WISE.

    Oh yeah? How WISE?

    He is soooooo WISE – he didn’t report on Thursday when he was scheduled to.

    • richard on January 31, 2014 at 10:09 pm
    • Reply

    Rusty is a wise man. Selection committee- Dr. Cantu, Celeste Sanchez, Teresa Servellon, Henry Sanchez, Gilbert Galvan, Ray Saldana, Ramiro Partida, Take applications, interview candidates, make recommendation to board. Plain and Simple.

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