Obregón candid on cheer controversy; steps up school security

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SBCISD Interim Superintendent Alfonso Obregon

SBCISD Interim Superintendent Alfonso Obregon

If you’ve already surmised that the increase in security at San Benito High School has a little something to do with the varsity cheerleading controversy, consider it a good guess.

In an exclusive interview with the San Benito News on Thursday, San Benito Consolidated Independent School District Interim Superintendent of Schools Alfonso Obregón spoke candidly on the cheer dispute and confirmed on Friday that it has also prompted authorities to step up security at SBHS and the John F. Barron Administration Building.

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    • CC Watcher on November 6, 2013 at 7:21 pm
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    So? If she was a cheerleader with no disability, would that make it any different? As far as pictures go, why was she left out? I would think that you want all the cheerleaders on a T-shirt? Especially if you were selling them. Mrs. Duncan made a decision to file charges with an agenda. She knew full well if she was arrested, they would kcik her off. This is discrimination!
    The young lady has not been found guilty of a crime, she is innocent TILL proven guilty!

    • felipe rodriguez on November 2, 2013 at 2:25 pm
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    i agree with cc watcher, filing charges common man, now the poor girl has a record on her hands, i played basketball in 1976, and we were a team and there was no way we were going to leave out a team member
    out of the picture for any reason unless he was sick and could not make it that day, you claim the uncle is the one that was causing all the trouble don’t you think you went after the wrong person, if anything at all. what a shame and what a world we live in! so now they have stepped up security for what for shirt pinchers!!!!

    • Someone who actually knows. on November 2, 2013 at 1:31 pm
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    First off, I do not believe you should be so quick to judge. You are not in anyone’s shoes to be so critical and judgmental towards the school district or the cheerleaders involved. The firm was hired because it was needed, not because they “love to spend money”. They found nothing because there was nothing to be found! The cheerleader who believes she is “bullied” mainly wants attention and believes she is owed something because she has a disability and wants to be treated equally; however, she doesn’t make the best with what she already has and she can’t be told anything when she does something wrong because she ignores it and calls it “bullying” when you just speak to her to be constructive, making her unapproachable. And she is NOT mentally handicapped, she is very aware of what she’s doing, and that is why she was reported and has committed a crime. She wasn’t reporting her “teach her a lesson” how you stated, she was just trying to obtain justice for an offense that no one would like to receive! How would you like it if someone came up to you and shouted many profanities at your face while making physical contact? She wants to be treated equal and that means she has to abide by the law.

    On the subject of the picture, it was not to promote the school district. It was taken on their own to show that after all they’ve gone through before the the supposed “bullied” cheerleader was even on the squad. It was completely personal and it is the same as a couple or a group of friends taking a picture together. It had nothing to do with the school district and it was not meant to “bully” the cheerleader. No one would take a photo just to make a girl feel bad.

    I wouldn’t post my opinion unless I had clear unbiased look at the whole story. Like the old saying goes, don’t judge a book by it’s cover and don’t judge a group of cheerleaders for what the media (which almost never states the whole story) portrays them to be.

    • CC Watcher on November 2, 2013 at 10:49 am
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    I read the story about the “bullying” alleged by a concerned uncle. Then the school board (who love to spend money) hires a special firm out of Austin to investigate. Of course, nothing is found to substantiate the allegation. Why not, they are paid by the school district who has an interest to protect. Then there is the victim, what a piece of work. She filed charges to teach her a lesson? The school police opted to not investigate and I am sure that there is a good reason. So, this lady who wants to teach a mentally handicapped person a lesson goes to the San Benito Police Department and has them investigate. This lady is very happy now because they embarrass the girl and have her escorted to the office then to the police station for processing. So, what did this lady accomplish? She got her satisfaction that she taught her a lesson, shame on YOU! I hope that you didn’t have to go to a doctor for that serious offended injury?
    Now, why was she left out of the cheerleader picture? If she is a cheerleader, then she has every right to come out in any photo promoting the school district. I still cannot understand how a lawyer can investigate an allegation when they assist in the letter of the law? Let me guess? Question, “have you bullied this young lady? Answer, “No.” Case cleared!

      • uhhhhh on November 4, 2013 at 2:23 pm
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      CC Watcher – “why was she left out of the cheerleader picture?”

      the same reason football players take pictures on their own or in a group and not with the whole football team. as with volleyball, as with basketball, as with soccer, as with baseball, as with softball, as with track, as with band, as with family, as with coworkers, as in life. if they choose to take a picture without her, then so be it. being left out of of a picture doesnt constitute bullying. it just means they didnt want her in the picture. that simple. dont be butt hurt cause you werent in the picture. ridiculous. just because youre a senior doesnt mean that every picture you take has to be with the senior class. same concept. stupid question. absolutely stupid.

      think straight. think sensible. think logical. its not a hard question to answer. its a question that shouldnt even be asked.

      the girl is a pain. the girl takes advantage of her situation. the girl wants attention. the girl wants things her way. the girl was offended. the girl didnt like being left out. none of those compare to bullying. thats just life. it happens to me. it happens to you. it happens to all of us. grow up. heres an idea: she should she sue or cry wolf or go to the press against her parents and her uncle for all that she lacks and that they dont provide or instill in her. maybe its all their fault for not teaching her to behave better or to be able to cope better or for bad genes. i mean the list can go on and on. might as well at this point. sue the school district, complain to the school district, sue/complain/cry/yell at/whine to ….. the shirt manufacturer that the shirt was printed on, the company that printed the shirts, Action4News and Valley Morning Star for not doing a better job at getting your side of the story out so that you could a more favorable result from all this, the police officer for being nice enough to let your family take you to get processed instead of riding in the back of a police vehicle just like any other citizen that gets charged with the same crime, it goes on and on.

      Shut up – Mike Ditka
      Com’ on man! – Chris Carter

      stupid – adj.
      : not intelligent
      : having or showing a lack of ability to learn and understand things
      : not sensible or logical
      : not able to think normally because you are drunk, tired, etc.

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