Cheerleaders get security due to controversy

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Public outrage in the San Benito High School varsity cheerleading controversy, in which seniors have been accused of bullying and discriminating against a handicapped cheerleader, prompted local officials to assign the girls protection for Friday evening’s matchup between the Greyhounds and McAllen Bulldogs.

Authorities with the San Benito Consolidated Independent School District Police Department confirmed Friday that security guards were asked to accompany the cheerleaders to the game for their protection. In addition, the cheerleaders’ parents indicated that the game was not mandatory to attend for the varsity squad.

Such action was necessary, parents said, due to allegations made by SBHS varsity cheerleader Alexandria Hernandez, a senior with a prosthetic leg, and Noe Treviño, who identified himself as the girl’s uncle and advocate. Specifically, Hernandez, on a local TV news station, accused the squad of bullying her by not including her in a photo that shows 10 senior cheerleaders. Hernandez said she felt “left out.”

“We’re supposed to have one on the bus, and from what I understand the one on the bus is supposed to hook up with McAllen police and advise them of the situation,” Colleen Duncan, a parent of one of the varsity cheerleaders, said before Friday’s game. “Parents will sit as close to the girls as we can, because we decided as a team that we weren’t going to let her (Hernandez) stop us. We have done nothing wrong.”

The photo in question was first scheduled to appear in a privately-paid full page advertisement in this year’s football program, then as a scoreboard message at Bobby Morrow Stadium. The ads, however, were pulled at the best of school district officials in response to complaints made by Treviño, who has claimed that the cheerleaders were discriminating against Hernandez for not including her in the photo. That’s when Duncan’s husband, Robert Duncan, had t-shirts made with the picture.

Duncan, however, has argued that there was no malicious intent in not including Hernandez in the photo, which she referred to as a group of friends who innocently took a picture.

Treviño sees the matter differently.

“There’s 11 senior varsity cheerleaders,” Treviño said. “Not 12, 14 or 16. It’s 11 senior varsity cheerleaders on that squad, with Alexandria being the 11th cheerleader, and they took that picture of 10. Now her (Duncan’s) reason is because these girls have been friends since freshmen year. They all decided to get together to take that picture. Last year was Alexandria’s first year as a cheerleader. I went to mandatory meetings and all the moms hated each other. They were all in groups of two or three. …They were not friends.”

Pointing to current and past football programs, Duncan said that it’s common for individuals involved in various extracurricular activities—such as the band, belles and color guard—to publish photos exclusively showing certain members.

“This is very disturbing,” Duncan said in response to the criticism levied at the squad. “We feel cheated, because we had five seniors once and only three seniors did a page (in the program), and they labeled it varsity cheerleaders. It’s throughout the whole program. The belles do it, the cheerleaders do it, the band does it and football players do it, and ours was kicked off because of a complaint.”

The complaints continue, but this time it was Duncan who filed a report with the San Benito Police Department on Thursday, accusing Treviño of following her daughter and other cheerleaders in his vehicle and intimidating them.

“She’s very fearful of the uncle (Treviño),” Duncan said of her daughter.” I filled out paperwork at the PD about him following her around and staring at her, even when volunteering at a public event. There have been other incidents with the uncle, and the parents are scared that he’s going to do something to one of the girls … not on purpose but an accident could happen if he’s in his car and following them. I don’t know what his purpose is staring at my daughter, but it makes her feel extremely uncomfortable.”

“That’s a bunch of lies,” Treviño responded. “They’re just trying to find a way to make Alex look bad. They’re the ones doing the t-shirts, the scoreboard and the program. Not only that, but they got a copy of the picture and put it in the locker rooms.”

Treviño added, “I don’t have time for stuff like that (following cheerleaders), and they’re the ones doing stuff like that. If I take Alexandria to McDonald’s or Whataburger or to the band hall, it’s because she’s in band, but I don’t have time for that. I don’t have the time to be messing with those people. I don’t have any reason to follow anybody.”

Furthermore, cheer parents who wished to remain anonymous said that the cheerleaders attempted to organize a party for Hernandez last year—this in celebration of her placement on the squad—but were met with refusal. Treviño said he was unaware of such attempts.

In the meantime, Duncan said she’s moving forward with filing charges against Hernandez for allegedly accosting her at the Oct. 11 pep rally. It was at the SBHS gym where Duncan said Hernandez shouted vulgarities at the parent and blamed her t-shirt for an ailment.

“She just came up, grabbed me by the shirt and told me that because of my shirt I caused her to have cancer,” Duncan said previously. “She was using the f-word all over, and she was shaking and had her fingers in my face … just screaming at me. I wasn’t touching her, I wasn’t engaging her, and when my husband said, ‘Someone come get her away from my wife,’ that’s when the girl’s uncle said not to touch her.”

Citing the San Benito High School Cheerleader Constitution, which states that “immediate dismissal” occurs in the event of a “verbal or physical confrontation with the sponsor, a member, student, staff or parent and the use of foul or profane language, threats, or any indecent gestures,” Duncan said Hernandez has long been in violation of the squad’s bylaws yet anticipates little to no action being taken.

“She’s been doing this for a long time, but the school never holds her accountable,” Duncan said.

Treviño believes that Hernandez was driven to the outburst and should therefore not be punished.

SBPD Assistant Operations Chief Michael Galvan said Friday evening that at least one other parent has filed charges against Hernandez over an incident similar to what occurred at the pep rally.

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    • Oldtimer on October 24, 2013 at 10:33 pm
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    I just found out that of all the senior cheerleaders who tried for the All American contest to send them to London, England, only 6 cheerleaders made it. Alexandria, the handicapped cheerleader tried out too AND DIDN’T GET CHOSEN!!!!! Why didn’t uncle noe bring discrimination charges against that national organization? They have more money than the parents of the “bully” cheerleaders!!! Hey Teresa, you’re slipping, you let that one get by you!

    • Trythandjustice4all on October 24, 2013 at 8:46 pm
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    This is a system out of control. 10 years from now, will it matter?

  1. To the individual who attempted to comment as Colleen Duncan: impersonation will not be tolerated on this website. Understand that your comment was deleted due to your attempts to falsely portray Mrs. Duncan as a person who discriminates against the handicap.

    To all: Anonymity will obviously be upheld for those who wish to comment under a handle/username, but if found to be an impostor then expect your comments to be promptly deleted.

      • Colleen Duncan on October 24, 2013 at 2:29 pm
      • Reply

      Thank you SB news editor
      Really really? To try to post things using my name is low! Of all the things my husband and I have been called you are so much lower! I do not discriminate against no one. I am a veteran, a mother of four kids, I am handicapped myself, I have a brother who is in special Ed, so how could I ever discriminate against these people. I’m being judge by what you think you know about me. I’ve known Alex for years when I worked for the school district up until that day we were very nice to eat other we always said hello. I have a few shirts with my kids pictures on them for different reasons. If you knew the background of this cheer squad you would know how proud I am of these ten girls, and the other ten. These girls have worked hard nothing was handed to them, yet they accepted Alex and all tried very hard to work with her and get along with her. This PAGE that was pulled doesn’t say the words cheerleaders or seniors. It was just something we parents were proud of and because of Alex , her Uncle, and you nasty people you didn’t only took something good and made it bad, but you have put a dark cloud on these girls senior year just like Alex told everyone she would. This is their last homecoming but they can’t do the senior dance because Alex didn’t show up to class all week and if they did it with out her you would condemned them. They have no chance for everyone to judge them they way you should. They have been bullied by all those who left ugly comments. Who do you think you are? Then you try to hide under my name? You are pathetic . You too will be judged one day. Please go out to the parade and so your support, these girl all 20 deserve it!

        • Colleen Duncan on October 25, 2013 at 1:04 am
        • Reply

        I’ve been told I bring up good points but my comments are to long . So to the person that tried to impersonate me you are so low I have nothing on you. To try to make the readers think I discriminate against the handicap the jokes on you. First you can’t prove anything so you try to make it up. You are bulling me, and my daughter. That must leave a bad taste in your mouth. As I said the joke is on you I am handicapped so your trying to make me act like I discriminate against myself. This just shows how twisted this is. It wasn’t about any discrimination just a proud parent and a girl who thinks the world owes her because she only has one leg. Yes it is a handicap and it’s sad but it has nothing to do with any of this.

    • Puro on October 24, 2013 at 9:15 am
    • Reply


    Puro p…

    She bullies the TA that helps her.

    Her being left out of the cheerleading pic has the same grounds as every other classmate of hers taking a pic and leaving her out of those. Same sh.. Get over it. Grow up. You too uncle. Grow up.

    • annonymous Sbhs student on October 24, 2013 at 8:57 am
    • Reply

    If you were to know Alexandria she really is a bully to other people she acts as if she is getting bullied and hurt which is BS. she bullies everyone even if we try to be nice…. the cheerleaders did nothing wrong of course you people who dont REALLY know alexandria will take her side… in reality us SBHS student have been threatened by alexandria cause she has ranover us with her damn motor wheel chaIR IN THE HALLS OF SBHS AND DOESNT EVEN SAY SORRY SHE JUST LAUGHS AND SAYS GET OUT THE WAY WHICH IS RUDE AND CRUEL!. NO ONE CARES IF SHE HAS A PROSTHETIC LEG SHE ONCE TOLD ME SHE WANTED TO BE TREATED EQUAL AND KNOW SHE LABELS AS DISABLED OH GOSH WHAT IS THIS GIRL THINKING! The cheerleaders really didnt do anything wrong and i agree with colleen duncan.

    • Oldtimer on October 23, 2013 at 8:43 pm
    • Reply

    I noticed that the handicapped cheerleader’s picture is not on pg 8 of the San bene news where parents night is celebrated and other cheerleaders pictures are shown. Maybe uncle noe should sue sbnews for discriminating against her!!! What a joke!!,

  2. We need to add a class in ethical behavior in high-school and everybody needs take one year thats two semester’s of class room study and exams and pass with an A+ in order to graduate. And by the way let me add every male student must try out for football in order to graduate “mandatory” After all is said and done keep on searching.

    • Coincidence on October 21, 2013 at 9:16 pm
    • Reply

    @Neutral Party, you aren’t even neutral. Maybe you all should go back and look at your yearbook and see if you are in all the pictures that were included in the yearbook. I bet you are probably not in half of those pictures. What does that say about the yearbook staff?

      • Neutral Party on October 22, 2013 at 8:27 am
      • Reply

      @Coincidence, I am a neutral party. However, I have gathered info that makes me believe Alex is the victim because she is not liked.

      None of these 10 girls are “bad” girls. Individually, I’m sure each of these girls are fine girls with many, many admirable qualities. But, like all humans, each have their own weaknesses, too. Together, in a group, the group dynamics take over to push Alex out. The picture is proof. There is probably a core of 2-3 girls who are the strongest leaders and the remaining 7-8 girls follow their lead just to keep the peace and remain in the good graces of the 2-3. The 7-8 don’t dare cross the 2-3 for fear of suffering the fate of Alex. It’s a great feeling for young people to be accepted by the cool kids and none of the 7-8 want to risk becoming an outcast. Alex just wants to be accepted by the cool kids, but she is not, which leads to her claim of bullying and discrimination.

      There are no bad people on the cheerleading squad, just a bunch of young people different from one another. they may all look the same in their uniforms, but they all have different hopes and dreams, limitations and realities. Being a true team means coming together regardless of differences to achieve the same result.

      We all need to get past this. We need to accept this for what it is — differences — and move on. It is my hope and the hope of many in this community that the cool kids become the coolest kids and find the strength within themselves to extend to Alex a collective hand of peace. The loudest cheer heard in this community this season will be for the sight of these 11 girls standing together at the next home game as one squad.

      Now that is the meaning of cheerleading.

    • What if... on October 21, 2013 at 7:45 am
    • Reply

    From a neutral stand point- it looks to me as if it’s more of an “I’m telling because you are not my friend” sort of situation. If the picture was intended to be a group picture, then yes, I would agree with it being malice for the squad not to include the other member. However, in what I have read, the picture was intended to represent a friendship between a group of girls; so what is the harm in that?

    About 2 years ago, in the final days of college, the whole class (white & black students) were all taking pictures. I was the only one excluded from these pictures. I could have easily suggested I was being discriminated against, because I was the only Hispanic student in the whole class (non-TX school), but I knew that was not the case. My group of friends and that group of friends had absolutely NOTHING in common, being that the only reason why I was not included in the pictures. Society really needs to not “jump the gun” when certain words are mentioned (disability, race); get both sides to the story, because innocent people do get hurt.

      • Neutral Party on October 21, 2013 at 3:42 pm
      • Reply

      What if…

      …the reason she was excluded, according to all the commentators supporting the 10 cheerleaders, is the girls in the photo have been friends since the 9th grade and she was not.

      …she is not a friend because they don’t respect her because she can’t do the things the others can because of her handicap.

      …she is not a friend because the girl is in Special Ed and the girls don’t like or respect her for that.

      …these girls were friends since the 9th grade? Does that mean their friend quota was filled and they have no more room for one more?

      With each comment I read by the supporters of the 10 cheerleaders, it becomes clearer that Alex just wasn’t liked by them. Period. Is that the reason she was excluded from photo? I can’t say. But, nothing I read convinces me that her dislike by the others didn’t come in to play here.

        • What if... on October 22, 2013 at 10:59 am
        • Reply

        “Neutral Party”- How do you know this to be true? How do you know for certain, that these girls did not respect her because of her disability? How would you know exactly how these girls feel?

        Perhaps, you have a special ability, such as mind reading? Maybe?

        My post was MY opinion on this situation, which was made up by my past experiences and what I have read from both sides.

        Do I feel Alex was treated unfairly? That would depend, on whether or not the “picture” was meant to represent the Cheerleading squad or a group of friends; everything points towards a group of friends, so my answer would be no.

        Do I feel there was wrong doing on the 10 cheerleader’s part? Absolutely not.

        Do I feel things could have been handled differently? Definitely! Instead of contacting News 4 first, the child should have talked to the school counselor to express her concerns of how she was being treated. If things were not resolved then, and the “unacceptable behavior” continued, than her parents should have taken proper measures to grantee appropriate actions would be taken.

        Again, this is only my opinion.

    • Colleen Duncan on October 21, 2013 at 1:48 am
    • Reply

    The girls did not ask for security it was given and it was for all not just the 10 girls, there is 21 girls out there. The girls have received threats and you never know how crazy people will react. The protection order as far as I know is against the Uncle, he’s been seen following the girls in his yellow hummer, he follows them at town events, at football games, he stares at them and when they more he moves. No one is scared of Alex but her Uncle now he scares me! The girls didn’t want any attiontion they had their fell last year. Please tell me what group of friends don’t take pictures of themselves? This was not a cheerleading photo shoot it was 10 girls taking pictures for the football program which is their on big funraiser. The parents paid for the page it was theirs to do what they wanted, however we were asked not to use the words SENIORS OR CHEERLEADING which we didn’t. Alex could by all the pages she wanted and could have anyone she waned in them. Last year one of the girls did a page with her and her dogs, three cheerleaders did one with the three and it said VARSITY CHEERLEADERS well my daughter was a varsity cheerleader but did I complain? NO it’s who ever buys the page’s choice who or what they put in there. I’m sorry she wasn’t their friend since at least 9th grade neither was the 10 other cheerleaders. It’s about what they went through and most at the school know. We sold pages to people from the band, bells, different team sports or anyone that might want to show you what all they do. THAT’S ALL IT IS NOTHING MOOR! One more thing since when do we award bad behavior? If it was wrong in your eyes does two wrongs make it right? I’m sure there is more going on then a girl left out of a picture. I would like just send me you email and I’ll send you lots of pictures taken at camp with Alax in therm.

    • GetALife on October 20, 2013 at 8:38 pm
    • Reply

    You all need to get a life

    • daniel on October 19, 2013 at 4:13 pm
    • Reply

    This lady is saying they didn’t get to bond… so 2 yrs is not enough time to bond with Alexandria… no matter which way you see it these people are just trying to justify there wrong doing. Bottom line these cheerleaders are all the same.I just saw a photo on instagram with these girls and their lettermens jackets and cheer patches and guess what public Mrs.Hernandez again is left out.I’m sure Mr .Trevino has no idea this has occurred.Alex was left out again.Wow if this is not malicious then what is!!!!!!!! I as a reader am so discussed by these group of bullies…… So as for the boy that claims he’s sister is not like that, think again because if your sister was as good of a person that u say she is then why would she agree once again to leave this girl Alex out for the second picture this year.Supposely they are all friends. Wow now all 14 of these girls but not Alex. Bottom line it only takes one good cheerleader to stand up for whats right and guess what buddy its not your sister. And like i said before they are ALL THE SAME…

      • GetAClue on October 19, 2013 at 8:15 pm
      • Reply

      Take another look at the picture. There are juniors included in the picture. Also this was taken at the Mchi game. I was told by a parent that they could not find the young lady, because she decided that she did not want to be on the field. Go figure. Another person only looking at one side. Oh by the way. If you look at all the pictures they have taken since their Junior year, you would see 95% of them have this little girl Alex in them. So next time you take a picture for whatever group you may be in or assisting or working with, make sure you ask every person in the building or surrounding area or any one that might be disabled before you take the shot.
      *By the way San Benito news I want to file a discrimination suit against you, due to you not including me in the Narciso Martinez festival photo. I can dance also, plus I know how to play an instrument. Waaa…Waaa…Waaa.

      • Colleen Duncan on October 21, 2013 at 2:32 am
      • Reply

      These girls take pictures all the time and lots of girls are left out at any given time, who took the picture? someone had to so she was left out. Also you say there was 14 in the picture well we have 21 girls so Alex wasnt the only one left out. Did Alex bring her letterman? does she have one? My daughter took hers because they heard a front was coming in. Are they now going to be blamed for everypicture they take without her? Right now she is putting them though a lot. Because of her they are being call all different bad name plus have been threaten. Now would you want to smile and take a picture with the one who is putting you through this? I’m not saying this is why because I don’t know why and I haven’t seen the picture. As it has been stated a few times that at the game Alax walked away from the group this is not a one time thing is is all the time. We sat in front of the girls and watched them she was told about each cheer before they did it.I saw girls talking to her but I also saw her take off and sit down. She says she want to be treated like everyone else but the truth is she wants to be treated better. There is a song done by the drum line I think that the girls group to gether and do hand things clapping and such but they were told they couldn’t do it that night because thats the time Alex put distance between herself and the girls. I was watch when the song came on and it was Alex asking why they were’t doing it I don’t know what answer she gave but I pretty sure they were told in class about this, I knew but she takes off or doesn’t listen. How much do you want the girls to do for her? were talking about all 20 they do their best while trying to do for themselves. do you want them to put her on a pedastool? She can’t be in the stunts they are very limited as to what she can do. She wanted to be in the skit for when we played Harlingen and it call at one point to kinda go crazy some fall. My daughter went to her and said be carful because you don’t want to fall but she fell but nothing was said because she was warned it could happen. As I see all this the 10 girls can’t win. She pulled the handicap and bulling cards she double teamed them. all for a picture that was thaken in August. As I have been telling everyone we took a lot of pictures and vidieo’s at camp and she is in a lot of them everytime she saw the camera she was ready onces we told her to wait my husband was trying to get a certain picture and she got mad and walk off.. She’s in the video of their dances and cheers and I got her too when she tried out for UCA. I think she is even in the pictures we took of the juniors we have lots and I have and plan to let everyone see them and even turn them in to the year book but to some of you your just looking for her picture who cares about the rest. You need to realise yes these girls are seniors but they are still little girls and since all this Alex has hurt them on purpose why more then they hurt her with a friend picture. This is life and kids grow up too fast already but right now they are all kids not bullies just kids give the a break

    • The Other Side on October 19, 2013 at 1:14 pm
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    Who is really being bullied, Alexandria or the SBHS Cheerleaders? This dispute stemmed from a photo that was taken by the Varsity Senior cheerleaders for a personal ad that was to be published in the football line up. As one may know, this book contains photos of many friends and family and other organizations that come together to support their team.
    These 10 girls took this photo not to be maliciously but to celebrate how they have come together as sisters. They have been together since their 9th grade year to their senior year. They had their share of differences, and drama too but this last summer, they put that all aside and attended a summer cheerleadering camp which they brought back many of the top awards. Alexandra did not get to bond as these girls did due to she being isolated by given her own room provided by the special education program to Alexandra, her fathers and other family members. The Varsity cheerleaders though spent many nights bonding and as many young girls would do at a slumber party. Unfortunately, Alexandra did not get that same opportunity.
    To commemorate this, these girls wanted to show how they became mature to put aside all the differences they had in the past 4 years, so this photo was taken by them personally. No malicious intent was intended. Alexandra was upset because this photo did not include her but their were other varsity cheerleaders that were not included as well due to they were not there since the 9th grade. Alexandra and one of her fathers,Noe, used the approach of “Bullied” to get the photo removed. Which was done so by the SBHS school administration.
    Alexandra claims she is being outcasted, but in fact she secludes herself from other events that she does not want to attend. She did not attend many morning 5AM practices and gets many more privileges that if any varsity cheerleader would have done would have had them removed from the squad.
    Alexandra was placed on the Varsity squad not by her talent but by Mr Limon. No ill feelings were ever taken when placed. The girls accepted her but expected for her to maintain the same expectations they had for being Varsity Cheerleader.

    • britney cazares on October 19, 2013 at 12:53 pm
    • Reply

    I THINK THIS IS ALL SUCH BS, those girls where the ones being JERKS, BULLYING & PICKING on one specific cheerleader and THOSE GIRLS ARE GETTING “PROTECTION”!!!!!! HOW THE HELL IS THIS EVEN FAIR??? No matter what Alexandria did, or how she did it, its not right how she is being treated now because if I was her I would snap eventually just like she did. You can’t possibly believe that whole group of cheerleaders are so afraid of this one girl, they just saw how much attention they got from this and they are trying to get their fifteen minutes of fame asking for “protection” LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!They were scared or asking for security when they were there picking on her or talking smack about her. They need to act like some adults, apologize and move on already.

      • GetAClue on October 19, 2013 at 2:12 pm
      • Reply

      They are asking for protection, due to lies that were reported by the one sided Channel 4 news. Have you even read the other articles, and the responses of how mean and rude this child is? The protection is to help these young ladies cope with the lies and false information that is being presented before the public, that in turn is not seeing the whole picture. You included. This is as Michael Rodriguez wrote ” danger of succumbing to mob mentality”. Not trying to use his words in any person favor, but read before you make a decision. The protection is also due to the other father, Noe , who threatens to sue or file charges or whatever every time they dont get their way. It is learned behavior, plain and simple. If you know anyone at San Benito that has delt with this young lady you will know more of the truth. Like my sign says Get A Clue. Learn your facts before you make a one sided decision. If you still feel that way after reading and learning all the facts so be it. I myself have done my research, and have seen this father noe’s action before. Same thing every time. Waaa Waaaa Waaaa.

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