Mayor’s trial pushed back to Oct. 21

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Mayor Joe H. Hernandez

Mayor Joe H. Hernandez

The jury selection for San Benito Mayor Joe H. Hernandez’ upcoming trial has been postponed… again.

Melissa Zamora, the Public Information Officer for the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office confirmed on Monday that Hernandez’ case had been rescheduled.

“It has been reset again for October,” said Zamora. “There are a number of factors. Sometimes there is another jury trial that is scheduled for the same time, or the judge has a conflicting (schedule), the defense attorney or one of our prosecutors has a conflicting schedule, so it could be a number of things that could postpone the trial date. I know that both parties agreed to a continuance.”

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  1. Zeke you are correct but they also need to have INTEGRITY,TRUSTWORTHINESS,FAIRNESS and be OPENMINDED. Something our CITY LEADER’S know nothing about.

    • Reform San Benito on September 25, 2013 at 9:30 pm
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    Denny Crane, Denny Crane! Funny you should mention this. As luck would have it (Who’s luck, you ask?), the judge in Hernandez’s case is up for re-election in 2014. Word is, he’s up against another SB boy, Dan Robles. No way this judge would be so stupid in looking for an edge in SB, by doing what you insinuate…would he?? With all the crap that’s happened at the courthouse with feds, it would be political suicide to do such a thing. But, as we have learned, some people just think they’re above the law. FEDS, are you watching???

    People of SB can write the judge of his PTD court — 445th, I believe? — and inquire how it is possible he could get a PTD deal on the heels of him threatening the complainant and his friend. Can also write Congressman Vela and ask him for an AG’s opinion on how it is possible; doubt that would do any good. Just keep eyes and ears peeled for who Hernandez is supporting for judge of county court 1. Feds, are you watching??? Listening???

    • Zeke V. on September 25, 2013 at 6:17 pm
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    I hope someone will run that has the quality of fairness and understands their role.

    • Denny Crane, Jr. on September 25, 2013 at 2:58 pm
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    Another delay! Very interesting development!

    Mayor Joe H. Hernandez entered a Pretrial Diversion Program (PTD) on December 19, 2012. Mr. Hernandez agreed to a one-year probationary period under an agreement that did not require him to enter a plea or admit guilt. That probation expires in December of this year.

    Could the strategy be to continue having continuances or delays in the case until his current probationary period expires? Would he then be eligible to enter another PTD without pleading guilty and allowing him to continue serving as the Mayor of the city of San Benito? He is ONLY required to resign if he is found guilty.

    Even if that does happen, I hope the citizens of San Benito are tired or weary of him and wise up and elect someone new and I don’t mean bring back someone from the past.

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