Mar 29 2013

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Housing Authority feeling sequester’s impact

Staff Writer

San Benito Housing AuthorityMuch has been affected by the sequestration in recent weeks, the San Benito Housing Authority included.

The federal sequester is approximately $85 billion in cuts of government agencies over a span of seven months, this after a compromise on deficit reduction could not be achieved by Republicans and Democrats in the Senate. Also included in the sequestration is approximately $109 billion in cuts over the next eight years.

According to SBHA Executive Director Arnold Padilla, Section 8, the voucher program, has taken some hits as a result.

“Like most housing authorities across the states, any reductions in funding affect families we assist,” Padilla said Thursday.

So how much exactly is Section 8 affected? Padilla estimated that the voucher program is funded 88 percent of what was budgeted the previous year.

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  1. WeThePeople

    Please don’t dis’ the cockroaches! LOL.

  2. Juan

    What China deal ?
    Is there still time for me to get on board ?

  3. Juan

    You betcha,”We The People”,just get your pockets full,as fast as you can,no le asi,it’s the student’s money,or the taxpayer’s,their one in the same anyway,go for it,vato.
    Haven’t heard anything about that “Project Dolly”,lately,have the powerball winner’s been named,or have they already left for the Caymen Islands ?

    1. WeThePeople

      Haven’t heard on the Dolly deal, but again, you can be sure some local official made money on the deal and the public will never find out. I wonder why no one ever mentions anything about the China deal??

  4. Juan

    So does Mr.Padilla still think it a wise idea to bankroll the Stone Wall Jackson project ? Well,hell yeah,it’s not his money,right ,he may even be able to profit alittle out of the deal,thats’s how it works here in san benny,right,vato.

    1. WeThePeople

      Juan, you can bet the insiders will all make something on the deal. Takers, one and all. Right, Victor?

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