$45k club donation awaits commission approval

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Boys & Girls ClubThe City of San Benito committee created to research possible financial solutions to the current dilemma facing the Boys and Girls Club of San Benito has proposed a one-time donation of approximately $45,000 to the club, pending approval from the San Benito City Commission.

Mayor Joe H. Hernandez, who was instrumental in forming the committee comprised of San Benito City Commissioners Rene Villafranco, JD Penny and Joe D. Gonzalez as well as City Manager Manuel Lara and Parks and Recreation Director Mike Jaramillo, said he is supportive of said decision. The mayor also said that the $45,000 would be donated in installments and not in a lump sum.

“The commission spent countless hours and put a lot of thought into it before making their decision to award the Boys and Girls Club the amount of $45,000,” Hernandez said in a handwritten statement provided to the San Benito News. “It will be given to them in increments depending on the season and the amount needed at the time. The $45,000 will not be given to them in a lump sum.”

According to Tommy Ramirez Jr., president of the Boys and Girls Club of San Benito Board of Directors, monies donated by the city coupled with the numerous contributions from the community and other various sources, including $8,500 from HEB, will go toward sustaining the club for the remainder of the year.

Still, Ramirez said he would like the city to continue such funding every year.

“I can’t say it any better than this: In order for the Boys & Girls Club to operate, it requires help from city,” said Ramirez. “The board is constantly trying to fundraise. That’s really how we’re able to add additional funds to sustain the club. I’m very excited that they’re giving money to keep the club open, but I would plead with them to really consider in next year’s budget to try to include the club permanently. It’s up to them. They’re all grown up professionals. It’s all in their hands. I don’t get paid.”

Still, Ramirez said the committee’s recommendation to donate the $45,000 is a step in the right direction.

“I could probably do cartwheels right now, I’m so excited and happy,” Ramirez said. “We are really very pleased and ecstatic that they agreed to help the club. We’re very grateful.”

Hernandez expressed satisfaction as well in the committee’s decision.

“This amount will be a one-time deal to help them get out of the red zone,” Hernandez said in the statement. “Of course, this needs approval from the commission as a whole. I’m 100 percent behind their decision. These children are the future of tomorrow. We need to stand by them.”

The agenda for a regular city commission meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 19, does not include an item for commissioners to approve the committee’s decision.

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    • Denny Crane, Jr. on March 19, 2013 at 4:27 pm
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    Following are statements reported in another local media:

    “Torres said the building could become the part of the city’s proposed cultural heritage center where the San Benito Historical Museum, the Freddy Fender Museum and the Texas Conjunto Hall of Fame and Museum would be located.”

    “Rey Avila, founder of the Conjunto Hall of Fame, said the building could be used as a storage room if it could be incorporated in the cultural heritage center’s architectural plans.”

    “Torres said officials have proposed that the building could be used as a visitors and tourist center, or house EDC offices.”

    “The building could also become the site of a business incubator program that would offer entrepreneurs office space where they could develop their products and services to help their businesses succeed, Torres said”

    This method of city planning was referred to as “city planning on the fly” by my “City Planning Seminar” professor.

    The EDC has wanted this property for so long because it is near the Resaca but they won’t tell the public what the real purpose or intent is. You don’t see other cities or jurisdictions purchasing property and then later deciding what the urgent need was or is.

    Mark my words “the EDC will be the 1st to move into the building as soon as the building is available for occupancy. The EDC wants the building to occupy it! Why don’t they come straight out and just say it.

    What a waste of taxpayer’s money!! A $10,000 salary increase and an administrative aide for the city manager and a new $20+ thousand dollar truck for the administration department so they can travel to training.

    Good Luck citizens of the city of San Benito. To repeat what was commented here previously, “When you vote for inexperience candidates or candidates with a questionable track record, you get dumb decisions like this!”

    The Mayor removed all members of the EDC who he did not agree with and replaced them with his appointees and this is the result. Just curious and without looking it up, How many members of the EDC board can you name and their qualifications?

      • WeThePeople on March 19, 2013 at 10:36 pm
      • Reply

      From what I have see only one of them remains from the last group, and he is the only one qualified to do anything. He is the CPA. The rest of them appear to be as you eluded to, clueless political appointees.

    • WeThePeople on March 18, 2013 at 11:11 pm
    • Reply

    As long as the City keeps bailing them out, the taxpayers can prepare to have them on life support forever!
    Tricked ’em again, eh boys??

    • Chris on March 17, 2013 at 8:33 pm
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    Instead of wasting money on a old funeral home they should help the boys and girls club. Keeping kids out of gangs and trouble is way better than wasting $375,000 on a building that no one will go to. Who is going to want to go to a quince at a funeral home, they may make it a senior center, are there not enough adult day cares, waste waste waste.

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