EVALUATING LIMÓN: Board to revisit super’s contract

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Antonio G. Limon

Antonio G. Limon

The San Benito CISD Board of Trustees will revisit Superintendent of Schools Antonio G. Limón’s contract at a regular board meeting on Tuesday, March 19.

Following Spring Break, the board will consider the superintendent’s “summative evaluation” and “possible action” on his contract. Such action comes after trustees tabled Limón’s evaluation at the last regularly scheduled meeting, which was held Feb. 19.

“As far as his performance, he’s tried to do what he can, and he’s tried to do his best, but it takes all seven of us to try to work with him and support him with what he wants to do with our school district,” said Board Vice President Anna Cruz of Limón.

Cruz also expressed concern with the direction of recent proceedings.

“We really need to concentrate on academics, all seven of us,” Cruz said of the board. “I think other things have been more important instead of academics, such as insurance.”

The board vice president was referring to trustees seeking RFQs (request for qualifications) from insurance providers in what some believe has been an effort to replace the current agent, Bob Treviño. In fact, trustees are also scheduled to take action at the March 19 meeting on requests to approve qualifications proposals, received from prospective agents, for the district’s voluntary and major medical plans.

“I know insurance is important, but what’s the priority?” Cruz challenged. “Our priority is to make sure that we’re addressing academics. In (Limón’s) defense, he has tried working with all of us, but if he can only work for one or two, what can one or two people do? So he really needs all of our support.”

The superintendent, meanwhile, has downplayed the discussions on his contract continuing a month after such talks began, citing one year in which his evaluation was not completed until May.

“It’s just the annual evaluation that’s due at this time,” Limón said Friday. “It’s no different from any of the other eight evaluations I’ve had since I’ve been superintendent. This is number nine, so this is just a routine evaluation.”

Limón’s contract talks will follow action that was taken at the Feb. 19 meeting that limited the superintendent’s purchasing powers.

As previously reported by the San Benito News, Limón was limited from approving expenditures of over $5,000. Although he’s acknowledged that the trustees would have to become more involved in the district’s day-to-day operations as a result of limiting his purchasing powers down from the $20,000 that was the previously-approved limit – and trustees have indeed had to call special meetings recently to approve purchases of over $5,000, such as iPads and air condition repairs, – Limón has remained relatively mum on the matter, saying only, “That’s fine with me,” when asked to comment in previous interviews.

Attempts to reach Board President Yliana G. Rodriguez, Secretary June Aguilera, trustees Hector Leal, Fatima and Julian Huerta were unsuccessful as of presstime Friday.

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