Oct 14 2011

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Juanita Aguilar Gomez

Juanita Aguilar GomezJuanita Aguilar Gomez, 82, passed away surrounded by her loving family on Wednesday, October 12, 2011 in Harlingen, TX.

She was laid to rest at Mont Meta Memorial Park.

Juanita is survived by her three children, Jose Guadalupe Garcia, Jr. (Chalaco), Elizabeth R. Trevino (Chavela), Irma G. Rios (Kima), 23 grandchildren, and 48 great-grandchildren.

Juanita was very caring and loving. She enjoyed spending time with her family. She was always very happy and always thinking of others. She will always be remember and loved.


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  1. Vanessa Trevino

    I loved Grandma Juanita very much. She was always smiling and cracking jokes. She loved playing bingo. We would play bingo together with all my children, my husband and my mother-in-law, until 4:00am. She was always so
    hospitable to all of us when we went to visit her. It was such a blessing having her in our lives. She will live forever in our hearts.

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