Jul 12 2011

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The Good News in San Benito

What's Eating Mike?I often hear from citizens of San Benito, among them are the usual suspects dying to know what’s next in store for this great community of ours.

But while the truth may not be as sexy as some would hope, be refreshed in knowing that although we’ve endured political chaos in the last few years, culminating with the conclusion of the May general elections, the controversies that once plagued the city in the past – and that we were at the forefront of exposing – may be behind us.

Cheer up, this is the good news you’ve been waiting for.

I imagine a few potentially nasty situations arising, this I gathered from skimming through the agendas of the regular commission meetings (which will soon be included in editions of the San Benito News when they become available to us). Still, the days of the office of mayor being automatically forfeit for owing back taxes and exposing elementary school principals as convicted felons are gone.

It’s not that our ability to uncover such truths has been diminished. On the contrary, the News may have influenced those in positions of power, however little it may be, to once again feel inclined to stay squeaky clean rather than risk the potentiality of winding up on the front page of the newspaper – and not for a good reason. This is the sort of change readers expect their newspapers to bring to the communities they serve. We hold your public servants accountable, and the readers hold us accountable. This is the beautiful relationship between the media, governing entities and the public.

Take not for granted the effort entailed in establishing and maintaining such a relationship. Compounded by the unwillingness of some to cooperate with the media, building rapport with public officials and dignitaries can be near impossible if the relationship is not strengthened by trust. And it’s trust, my friends, that’s the hottest commodity in journalism these days. Not time, and not information. That’s all acquired and managed through practice. Trust is earned.

Clearly we hear rumors, speculation, and innuendo, but nothing that’s substantiated and therefore not worth the resources of a full investigation. Now that also doesn’t mean we can’t follow-up. Know that much of these heavy-hitting, community-changing articles are based on the strength of our sources’ information – the same people who we’ve developed a trusting relationship with over the years.

So (finally) after exhausting all these outlets, I can happily report to you that it seems as though most people in positions of power in San Benito are behaving themselves.

Sure, there is maneuvering that angers folks on the opposite end of the political spectrum, and vice versa, but nothing on the level of what’s occurred in the Resaca City in recent years.

Don’t be surprised. This is the good news our readers have been waiting for. The only question that remains is how long it will last.

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  1. FedUp

    Our Editor was correct when he wrote last July that he imagined a few potential situations arising. And then some. Many situations have arisen, in particular the Little Man’s quest to get his name on a darn plaque, & an incompetent School Board President & her protégée (Aguilera). But the removal of Ms Tumberlinson from the Veterans Advisory Board has to rank as 1 of the top ranked bonehead moves by the mayor & commissioners in recent years. And to think, this is a voluntary position, & she invested hundreds of exhaustive hours while serving on the Board. Shame on all involved.

  2. Wes Johansen

    “days of the office of mayor being automatically forfeit for” should read “days of the office of mayor being automatically forfeited for”.

  3. ilee gomez

    4get kikkis and all those restaurants the best place to go withouta doubt is the new noes omg the food is soooo awesome and the people r actually nice 2 u for u and ur wallet but the place burned down some time ago i send my prayers 2 the owners and my best wishes

  4. Editor

    Keep in mind, FBMI, that this entry was posted in July and reflects that time.

  5. Concerned Citizen

    LOL… Ada.. no mas veniste a comer… haha.. U should of tried Mr. Taco.. yummy.

  6. FBMI

    I can happily report to you that it seems as though most people in positions of power in San Benito are behaving themselves??
    Dig deeper, Michael !

  7. Ada Collazo

    I was in San Benito for a few days and just LOVE this city……ate at Blanquitas on Williams…..great breakfast great beans tortillas, and the service…..great.
    Had some tacos at Kikki’s……….lots of great food in this town.
    Best Pan de Dulce……..really the best!!
    Went on a boat ride from the Thomae park……what a trip that was!!
    Did some shopping at Lolita’s and Heartfelt Gifts…..there are so many things to do in this town………….love the simple life and things to do!!
    Take care of San Benito!!!

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