7-9 playoff team? Read this!


OK so I am not a Cowboy fan which I have stated before. Yet, as talked about in previous articles, I watch them with interest. Now I find myself looking at something that is very real and that is a chance for this team to get into the playoffs.

Maybe it’s because I spent a lot of my life rooting for the old St. Louis Cardinals which meant that every year at this time I would spend my time looking for any solution to the futile team I rooted for to magically transform into a contender. Thus here is what the numbers look like for those Cowboy fans out there.

They have five games left in the season as they entered play on Thanksgiving Day. What the fans need to look at is the three that mean absolutely everything. The three division games left are one against Washington and a pair with Philadelphia. Win those three games and there is a real chance they are in the playoffs!

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