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Solving the water dilemma in the Resaca City

By Pete Banda Managing Editor editor@sbnewspaper.com Although the debacle has ended, the stress and worries that were brought to light by the recent malfunction of water plant 1 in San Benito still persist. As with most major issues, there are more questions than answers floating around, but it seems city officials have been impacted enough …

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Ground Out: Baseball field conditions upset parents

By STEVEN RAY HERNANDEZ Editor editor@sbnewspaper.com If you’re a San Benito Youth Baseball player who plays outfield in the Shetland division, I hope your uniform consists of nose-plugs, rain boots, and the best mosquito repellant money can buy, because you’re going to need it.  Just spend five minutes in the outfield area and you’re most …

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Mayor: City may consider water restrictions

By FRANCISCO E. JIMENEZ Staff Writer reporter@sbnewspaper.com As the Laguna Madre Water District implements consumption restrictions for the communities it serves, including Port Isabel, South Padre Island and Laguna Vista, San Benito officials are contemplating taking similar measures. According to a press release from the Laguna Madre Water District, it initiated Stage 2 Water Shortage …

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