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Waiting Game: Plant No. 1 repairs on hold

By STEVEN RAY HERNANDEZ Staff Writer Reporter@sbnewspaper.com You know that itch on your back you just can’t reach? Well that’s pretty much the case for the City of San Benito and the continuous annoyance of problems arising from their Water Plant Systems. After the City’s new Water Plant (No. 2) was deemed inoperable last year, it …

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City issues press release regarding Water Plant No. 2 lawsuit

  Special to the News PRESS RELEASE                                                             February 23, 2015 The lawsuit filed by the City of San Benito against various parties involved in the design, construction or operation of its new water treatment plant remains pending in District Court.   The parties are in the midst of the discovery process, which is typical at …

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Citizens react to waterplant woes

By HEATHER CATHLEEN COX Staff Writer Reporter@sbnewspaper.com “This whole thing is pretty sad,” said Blanca Montemayor, 52, of San Benito, referencing the fact her only water source remains in dire need of repairs and is presently operating while out of compliance with Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) standards. Montemayor said she “drinks distilled water…because the …

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CONSIDER THIS: The Challenges Our Leaders Face

By MICHAEL RODRIGUEZ Managing Editor editor@sbnewspaper.com Ready or not, change has come to San Benito. It’s evident in new leadership present within every major public institution that serves the city, from municipal government to the school district. Challenges, however, are in overabundance while public distrust and unrest remain prevalent. Such is the case with every …

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