Amigos Del Valle holds first open house in new facility

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For nearly 50 years, Amigos Del Valle has been serving elderly residents throughout the Valley with everything from daily meals to health education and weekly “excursions.” With a whopping 33 locations from Alton to Raymondville to Brownsville, and everywhere in between, the organization is one of the most prominent in the Valley.

While Amigos Del Valle has been a staple in San Benito for decades, they are just coming up on their one year anniversary at their new location. Previously based out of the Community Center on Haywood Street, Amigos Del Valle shut down during the Covid-19 pandemic and were in danger of having to leave San Benito permanently.

Thanks to a partnership with the San Benito Housing Authority, however, San Benito members will be taken care of for many years to come.

“They needed a new place to set up shop and we were able to offer them the community center at Vista Park for a dollar per year,” said Housing Authority Board Chairman Ben Cortez. “We feel like the services they provide for citizens of San Benito are too important to lose, especially if we have the means to help them out.”

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