Commission discuss EDC changes and RGV Epicenter tax zone


The San Benito City Commission discussed changes to the San Benito EDC grant guidelines and the epicenter tax zone during a regular commission meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 16.
EDC Grant Revisions
City commissioners discussed changes to the two EDC grant guidelines.
Commissioner Rene Garcia said that he would like to see the commercial façade grant to focus on the downtown area of the city.
“I kind of wanted to see if we could tie this façade and rent subsidy programs with the downtown revitalization emphasis,” Garcia said.
Rebecca Castillo, Executive Director of the San Benito EDC, explained that last year they changed the guidelines to include all city limits, but have not had much demand from businesses outside the downtown area.
Mayor Pro Tem Carol Lynn Sanchez asked how the program performed before the inclusion of all city limits.
“The majority of the applications we have approved have been from the downtown area,” Castillo said.
Commissioner Pete Galvan said that the prospective changes could be too limiting.
“I think if you are too restrictive, you’re going to leave some people out, but if you leave the openness that you have, you can have a decision,” Galvan said.

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