Hard rain causes citywide flooding


Last Friday, San Benito experienced a flurry of rain that caused flooding in the city and throughout the Valley.
Areas around the city experienced massive amounts of flooding. The National Weather Service Station in Brownsville reported that San Benito experienced over six inches of rain.
The rain caused many delays and cancellations to SBCISD events. The San Benito Greyhound football game against the Hanna Eagles was postponed to Saturday, Oct. 2. All SBCISD ACE Afterschool Program activities were cancelled due to the weather.
Driving through flooded areas is ill-advised and should be done so sparingly. Driving through flooded roadways can cause water to be sucked into the vehicle’s engine and can cause severe damage to the vehicle’s engine. Cars can also stall in floodwater causing drivers to become stranded on the road.

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