Cultural Heritage Museum hosts exhibit “Mexica: Renacimiento”

On Display: Shown here is a wall of Clark’s exhibited artworks at the San Benito Cultural Heritage Museum. (Photo by Louie Diaz)


The San Benito Cultural Heritage Museum is hosting the exhibit “Mexica: Renacimiento” by Mark Clark which will run from March 8 to May 28.
“’Mexica’ are what the Aztecs used to call themselves and the word renacimiento is like a rebirth,” said Aleida Garcia, the director of the San Benito Cultural Heritage Museum. “The artist is making a reference to how there is kind of an interest growing in Pre-Columbian culture right now.”
Garcia also noted that Clark also chose the name renacimineto because he believes we are nearing an end of the COVID-19 pandemic and entering post-pandemic life.
This exhibit is a solo exhibit by Mark Clark. According to Garcia, Clark worked at different museums in Washington D.C. Once he retired, he moved down to the Rio Grande Valley to be near Mexico and the gulf coast and has been residing here for almost 15 years. While living in Brownsville, Clark opened Galeria 409 and hosted many artists across the valley. With his many years of experience in museums, Clark served as a consultant for many local artists and museums.
The exhibit also features essays by anthropologist Jessica Villescas, a professor at South Texas College, Javier Dragustinovis, the curator for Museo de Arte Contemporaneo en Tamaulipas, and producer Enriqueta Cisneros from Port Isabel.
“I’m saying that art meets anthropology in this exhibit because what he is doing is taking an artistic approach to the Aztec or Mexica Codices,” Garcia said.

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