SBCISD holds regular school board meeting


The San Benito CISD held a regular school board meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 2 and discussed changes to the student learning environment.
The school board discussed how they will deal with students who have not been attending classes even though they have technology from the school district issued to them. According to Sara Alvarado, Assistant Superintendent of Academic Services, SBCISD has suffered large amounts of failure rates.
“Parent calls have been made, home visits have been made, principals are really concerned that parents aren’t answering the phone,” Alvarado said.
According to Alvarado, the Texas Education Agency has allowed schools to enforce bringing students who are failing and who are not logging into their classroom back to campus. Alvarado noted that there are procedures for students who have a 70 or below in any content area and have three or more unexcused absences for the grading period.
Currently, there is a failure rate of 16% at the elementary level, 38% at the middle school level, 40% at the Veteran’s Memorial Academy, and 24% at SBHS, according to Alvarado.
“At this point they will lose the privileges of having a hot spot at their home, when we do send a letter home to the parents,” Alvarado said. “They do have two weeks though, to remedy the situation, they will have two weeks to have a conference with the principal with some expectations expected from the student.”
Students’ with medical conditions and doctor’s excuse will be exempt from coming in if they are failing, Alvarado mentioned.

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