HI-SPEED Spectrum offers internet services to Los Indios


Citizens of The City of Los Indios have started connecting to internet service from Spectrum giving them access to high-speed internet.
Former Alderwoman Adelina Nunez contacted the CEO of Spectrum in April 2020. According to Nunez, she was contacted within two days by a representative of Spectrum in Texas.
“I emailed him that the services were needed here because the children were doing work from school and none of them had access to WiFi and internet services,” Nunez said. “There was a need, in other words, in our community.”
According to Nunez, the project to bring Spectrum internet to Los Indios is a three-phase plan, the first of which is already completed. The first phase was the to connect center of Los Indios. The second phase is to connect Del Rio and Carricitos Trail and the third phase is to connect Las Rusias to Weaver Road. The third phase of the project should be completed by the end of January Nunez mentioned.
Nunez also noted that all the lines to connect the phase two and three sections of Los Indios are put up already, it is only a matter of getting power to the cables. The project could have been completed by December 2020, but Spectrum gets many of their parts from China so due to the COVID-19 restrictions their progress was stalled.
Having access to high-speed internet is often a problem for rural communities. Before Spectrum provided the option for citizens to purchase high-speed connections from them, citizens would rely on satellite internet or mobile hotspots. However, those options are oftentimes expensive and slow.
“It costs us a lot about $100 or $150, it is too much to pay for a little bit of megabytes,” Nunez said. “It was too expensive, and it was very slow here in the country.”
San Benito CISD students who lived in rural areas of the city often had trouble connecting to internet. Starting Oct. 7, 2020, San Benito CISD offered internet support by placing ten “WiFi Buses” to students who lived in the outskirts of the city.

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