SBCISD extends two-week opening


The San Benito CISD Board of Trustees on Monday approved an extension on the district’s transition to in-person instruction by an additional two weeks.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nate Carman explained that face-to-face instruction for all students would be available until November 16.

However, some students will still receive the option of live instruction within the two weeks starting on November 2.

“Seniors who are lacking credits toward graduation have already started at the Gateway, [as well as] CTE Barber students,” Carman said. “We have some 500 or so EOC (End of Course) testers we invite back, and then Pre-K and Kindergarten, and for all those…parents would still have the right to choose remote asynchronous instruction.”

Beginning Nov 9, in addition to those previous students mentioned, the district would open up live instruction to first and second-grade students while remaining optional.

Teachers will report back Monday, November 2. Carman said hourly employees and administrators have been back full-time for some time while teachers have been coming in once a week, and then twice a week.
Teachers will teach the kids in the class, they will also record themselves for kids who don’t come into live instruction.

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