Food pantry seeking new building


A long line waits for food outside the San Benito Food Pantry in April shortly after the pandemic arrived in late March. (Courtesy photo)

The San Benito Food Pantry is looking for a new building after the owners of their current building, CrossChurch, said they have a trucking company looking to move into the property.

Food Pantry president Forest Walker said she is now seeking a lease that will be of no expense to the owner.

Walker mentioned that the food pantry could not pay rent and has not done so in its 35 years. She said it does not earn the revenue to do so because it relies on donations from the community.

However, Walker said the property owners would keep their investment because the pantry would take care of all the maintenance issues itself.

“If anything at this moment needs to be replaced, we will fix it. If anything breaks while we occupy it, we won’t call the owner: we will fix it. We will carry a million dollar liability insurance policy with the owner as the beneficiary. If there is groundwork to be done, we will take care of the grass and keep it trim,” Walker said.

“The pantry has survived for 35 years on the community and businesses donating money,” Walker said. “We feed a third of this city.”

Walker said she is looking for a place and encourages folks with any information or donations to contact her at 965-572-0003. The Food Pantry’s P.O. box number is 1246.

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