San Benito News 2019 Sportsperson of the Year: Eliana Carrizales


Eliana “Nana” Carrizales has been playing softball since she was six, coached by her father and continuing to play throughout her youth until she began pitching for the San Benito Varsity Lady Greyhounds. Carrizales found her calling for pitching when she was just eight-years-old.

“I’ve always liked being the leader, it’s just always been what felt right to me,” said Carrizales.
Carrizales began playing for the Lady ‘Hounds her sophomore year due to sustaining an injury her first year. However, it was not long before she became a key figure in her team.

“I think my junior year was my best because I felt like I had more control and more confidence, that’s when I felt I had everything under control and this year was good, but I didn’t feel like I reached my full potential.”

However, Carrizales’ and the Lady ‘Hounds 2019 season was impressive enough to land her our recognition, completing 135 strikeouts, 10 total wins, and 79 innings pitched.

The Lady ‘Hounds scored a 9-1 district record, winning the district title for the second year in a row as well as the bi-district title for the third year in a row, since Carrizales was a sophomore.

“I think my senior year I took control of more things. I would go out there and help my team and the younger players with their pitches,” said Carrizales, relishing in the opportunity for mentorship.

Among the opportunities for leadership, Carrizales admits that what she enjoys most about softball is the state of flow that the sport puts her in.

“Softball is my escape,” she said. “I forget all the problems as I’m focused solely on the game.”

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