SBCISD takes no action on insurance agent

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The San Benito Consolidated Independent School District decided to reschedule a recent request to approve the services of Yvonne Ortegon, a representative of United Healthcare, after some board members voiced concerns about teachers and staff not getting the information they needed about the district’s health insurance program.

At a regular meeting April 9, board member Victor Eloy Rosas said he put the item on the agenda after he visited Human Resources and found out that teachers and staff can not find someone often enough to provide them with information. Rosas said they also discussed some of the concerns expressed by other members who were not at a committee meeting dealing with the issue.

“They (insurance agents) haven’t been here for a while,” Rosas said. “Are they subcontracting our services? If that’s the case, you know, I’d rather go with somebody else.”

Rosas said he was not necessarily against approving the measure, but rather wanted some answers about the deficiencies of the program.

“How often they visit our schools, that turnout, not too often,” Rosas said. “I would like to hear somebody put it on the bid.”

Board member Sonia Weaver also said she’s been approached by teachers and staff regarding their health insurance.

“They (insurance agents) aren’t around when they have questions,” Weaver said. “They (participants) have problems with certain things. They don’t get the answers and they don’t know who to go to.”


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