Treviño family seeks answers outside San Benito


Tuesday morning, April 2, members of Ricky Treviño’s family and their spokesperson, Alfonso Benavides, were present at Cameron County Commissioners Court during a regular meeting to demand the release of the names of two constables allegedly involved in the fatal shooting of Ricky Treviño III on Dec.7 2018.

Alfonso Benavides spoke during public comment at the beginning of the meeting. “We want justice for Ricardo Treviño III,” he said.”We want transparency, we want to know the names of those constables who were involved in the shooting. This has been very devastating for the family.”

Reporters reached out to Precinct 3 Commissioner David A. Garza for comment but Garza declined to speak. Cameron County Judge Eddie Treviño Jr. commented that he did not know enough information to garner a worthy response.


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