Rangers called to investigate officer-involved shooting

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LOS INDIOS — The Texas Rangers are investigating an officer-involved shooting which occurred during the afternoon hours today, Friday, December 7, which sources close the investigation say resulted in the death of a 21-year old San Benito resident at the end of a car chase that ended south of Los Indios.

According to a press release issued by the City of San Benito, “The Texas Rangers are on the scene of an incident overseeing an investigation that resulted in a fatality south of Los Indios. The incident began with a call for service to the San Benito Police Department that included several members of the department. The officers involved have been placed on administrative desk duty, as per policies and procedures where fatalities are involved,” the statement reads. “There are no further details at this time,” it concludes.

Authorities declined to name the victim until next-of-kin were notified. San Benito Mayor Ben Gomez declined to comment out of respect for the family and the investigation, adding that he instructed staff and his fellow city commissioners to do the same. Gomez added that more information will be released at a further date.

According to sources close to the investigation, the victim was unmarried with no children. His only known family is his sister, mother, and his step-father, said to be a police officer with the San Benito Police Department. The victim is also said to be related to a sitting city commissioner. However, there are no details, as of yet, as to why the pursuit occurred outside of the fact that the victim, who was the driver in the vehicle in question, may have refused to pull over for speeding. No further information was provided as to why shots were fired.

Border Patrol and constables were also involved in the pursuit.

The victim was also said to have live-streamed the chase on Facebook, but sources were unable to confirm if that indeed occurred, saying only that the incident will be thoroughly investigated and all aspects of the incident, including the victim’s mindset and possible motivation, will be explored.

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