Nov 02 2018

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Special needs guardian seeks justice



Javier De La Fuente, a local resident with a special needs nephew currently attending SBCISD, has withdrawn his nephew from Dr. Garza STEAM Academy due to what he says is neglect from the minor’s teachers. De La Fuente also says he is frustrated with the tedious district bureaucracy his family has had to go through to establish contact with top district officials about his concerns.
The fifth-grade nephew, legally blind and special needs nephew to De La Fuente, hasn’t been able to wear his prescription glasses for a little over two months now, and De La Fuente blames his nephew’s ACU (Academically Challenged Unit) teacher and designated Visual Impairment teacher. He says that during a regular class writing activity, the fifth grader grew impatient with his work and had a “meltdown” in which he proceeded to sit on the floor and break his glasses. De La Fuente also says that his ACU teacher said she was going to intervene to stop the student from what he was doing, but that it was his Visual Impairment teacher who said not to. This resulted in the student completely destroying his glasses.
De La Fuente says he doesn’t understand why the teacher decided not to intervene, especially since she has been attending to his nephew for about two years now, meaning she knows his behavioral patterns, and has been trying to contact top district officials about it.
When it comes to special needs children, however, precedence and procedure states it is more proper to allow the child to diffuse him/herself rather than have someone intervene due to safety concerns.
Still, De La Fuente says he then attempted to contact Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nate Carman and other district officials to address the matter, but to no avail.


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