Dec 29 2017

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City employees to receive 2 percent salary raise

Special to the NEWS

According to City spokesperson Martha McClain, City employees are scheduled to see an increase in their salary for 2018. In a statement to the NEWS, McClain stated:

“All City employees, including police and fire departments, are scheduled to receive a 2 percent salary increase in their Jan. 12, 2018 paychecks.
The increase, or about $218,000, is included in the budget which was approved by the City Commission in September 2017.
While included in the 2017-2018 Fiscal Year budget, the City Commission chose to defer approving any increases until they could evaluate the City’s financial standing.
They determined that the City currently has $4.2 million in reserves. Included is $3.8 million in special operating reserves which would allow the City to function for 110 days in the event of an emergency.
Finance Director Belen Pena believes the City has the capacity to increase its operating reserves by an additional 10 days this Fiscal Year.
After the annual audit is finalized, the City Commission will review its options in making the decision regarding the increase to the special operating reserves, she said.”

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