May 19 2017

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Police forced to break down door to save woman from boyfriend

By Houston Van Nest
Special to the News

On Monday, May 15, San Benito officers responded to a call at the apartments on Wild Olive Circle regarding a verbal dispute.
According to the police report, when officers arrived on the scene they spoke to the victim’s mother, who disclosed to them alarming text messages she received from her daughter asking for help. The woman would go on to tell police that her daughter was in fear and wasn’t allowed to leave the apartment.
“The way it unfolded caused everyone great concern,” said Police Chief Michael Galvan.
The report continues with officers knocking on the door. An unidentified man responded but declined to open it. When questioned if the daughter was with him, he denied it. The mother then positively identified the man as Charlie Rivera.
Officers verified with dispatch, and the query revealed that an emergency protective order had expired on May 12, signaling that Rivera and the daughter had a domestic violence history. With the whereabouts of the daughter still unknown, and with Rivera denying entry into the apartment, San Benito PD sought guidance from Lt. Rene Garcia.
According to the report, Garcia arrived on the scene shortly after and tried to speak with Rivera. The door, however, remained closed.
Under advisement from Capt. Mario Perea, Officer Oscar Leal arrived on the scene with a breaching tool, and the door was successfully forced open. Rivera was on his cell phone when the door was knocked down, then was tackled by four of the officers and was subdued, but continued to resist arrest.
“It was spot on,” said Galvan. “They took appropriate action.”


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