Apr 28 2017

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Parents making mark on District again – District hold first parent conference in over a decade

By Sierra Flores
Special to the NEWS

This past weekend, SBCISD hosted their first District Parent Conference in over 12 years at San Benito High School. Over a hundred parents from across the school district gathered to receive important tools and resources that would help their children to “Aim, Acquire, and Achieve” all of their goals.
“The school district needs to invest in our parents by providing information on how to help their own children get educated and supporting them in their education” states an emotional President of SBCISD Board of Trustees, Anna Cruz.
The day consisted of student performances, many guest speakers, breakout sessions, and over 50 booths lining the halls that included assistance pertaining to mental and physical health, social services, clinics, classes for adults, and much more.
Breakout sessions were held in classrooms across the campus with over 50 different topics, held in Spanish and English, to choose from pertaining to a wide variety of ideas such as college credit opportunities, financial planning, and academic curriculum.
“The breakout sessions gave me new information about what’s going on and how I can help them become better students,” stated Maria Gracia Martinez.
Guest speakers such as Justice Gina M. Benavides, Dr. Francisco Guajardo, and Guillermo Lopez all spoke of their stories and how they were able to aim, acquire, and achieve the great successes they had in life.
“This event was important for me to attend so I could know what was going on in our community and our district,” stated Martinez.
The District Parent conference was held to help encourage and motivate parents to utilize the resources offered to aid students with better opportunities for their futures. SBCISD believes that parental involvement and engagement is vital to the district being the Gold Standard in all areas of public education.

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