A Blind Date for the Ages: Three decades of love began with blind date

By Pete Banda
Managing Editor

Larry Longoria was never a fan of blind dates. Just a few years after graduating high school, however, his cousin convinced him that there was this one girl he had to meet. A reluctant Larry agreed to go and after seeing his date at the varsity football game they were attending, he was blown away.
“I just remember thinking I need to get to know this girl,” said Longoria. “She was so beautiful and we just hit off right away.”
As Rosie Longoria recalls it, the genuine kindness and sense of humor from Larry made him nearly irresistible. Three years later, the young couple was married and they haven’t looked back since.
“We’ve never had any kind of break, we’ve never broken up for any reason… of course we have had our rough spots, but in the end, we truly love each other and love really does conquer all.”
After waiting a few years, the couple decided it was time to start their family. The birth of their two girls only served to bring the couple closer together. “We knew we wanted kids, but we also knew we wanted to wait until we were completely ready for it, recalled Rosie.”
Twenty-seven years later, both of the Longoria’s children, two daughters, have grown up to become educators. One at Berta Cabaza Middle School and one at Idea Brownsville.
“My parents have really set an example for us on how we should be treated as women and how we should treat our spouse,” said the elder Erika, who is just months away from being married herself. “Growing up, we always saw how much they cared for each other and to this day, I look up to them as what marriage should be.”

As another Valentines Day comes and passes, Rosie believes the couple;s love has reached a point where every day is somewhat of a Valentine’s Day, but still, Larry tries his best to remind his wife how special she is every 14th of February.

“I think it’s important to show love and appreciation to each other every day of the year and that philosophy is what has gotten us this far,” said the former San Benito business owner. “But I still try do something a little special every Valentine’s Day to show her that the spark is still there.”

Perhaps Rosie Longoria summed up their relationship best when she finished our conversation with, “He has always been just such a fun-loving man and can always, to this day put a smile on my face no matter what… I think it is getting more rare to have couples last past thirty years, but as long as he keeps me smiling, there’s no reason to think we can’t go another 30 years.”



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