District receives second audit results

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After nearly four months of waiting, the San Benito school board received the findings of the curriculum audit performed by the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA.) The audit, which was aimed at finding any weaknesses with how the district teaches their students, showed several key areas where San Benito needed improvement.
The Audit team, headed by lead auditor Kay Coleman, dug through over 2,000 documents, interviewed over 150 people, and conducted over 400 surveys as part of their audit.
“In this audit, we hold the system up to standard for the state of Texas,” Coleman said to a room packed with school employees. “The report does show some discrepancies, but everything in this report is fixable. There is nothing that can’t be fixed and that’s a positive sign.”SBCISD logo
The audit team looked at 5 audit standards: Governance or leadership and control, direction, equality and equity, feedback, and productivity and resource use.
In the control department, it was shown that “Board policies and administrative regulations are inadequate to direct curriculum management decision making and to establish control over the educational program and related organizational functions.” It was also noted the organizational chart was unsatisfactory, although the district has already taken steps to correct that.
One of the more troubling areas was the direction area, where the audit found that the district lacks a comprehensive curriculum management plan, the scope of the written curriculum is inadequate, and the quality of curriculum documents is inadequate to improve achievement for all students.


The entire audit is posted on the SBCISD web page.



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