THE GIFT OF SIGHT- Teen victim saves lives with organ donation

By PETE BANDA  Gallegos
Staff Writer

In early June of last year, the local community was rocked by the tragic murder of 19-year-old Christopher Gallegos. It was a tragedy and one that the teen’s family has had to cope with over the last year. Almost ten months later, however, that tragedy has saved another family from losing their own loved one and given two other people their vision back, a notion that has brought at least some comfort to the Gallegos’ family.
After Gallegos’ death, some of his organs, such as his liver and eyes, were donated to The Organ Sharing Alliance (TOSHA) to see if they could be used. As it turns out, a family of five was in dire need of a liver and two other people in San Antonio were desperate for help with their vision. Earlier this month, the woman who received Gallegos’ liver wrote to his mother, Claudia Cortez, to show her appreciation.


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