May 09 2015

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Happy Mother’s Day, Mike


By STEVEN RAY HERNANDEZ   hamothersday


In retrospect, most mothers should be making well over $100,000 a year, at least. Why? Well, because when you think about it, (as a kid) having a loving mother is almost like having a personal teacher, chef, nurse and therapist all balled up into one. Heck, P. Diddy probably pays over $500,000 for all those positions. As we all know, with Mother’s Day here, it’s undoubtedly a day of recognizing that special woman in your life that raised you. However, I’ve come to see that it’s not JUST a day for recognizing women.

You see, several years ago, while living in Fort Worth, I randomly ran into a friend from back home (San Benito) while I was working in the downtown area. His name was Mike and in all honesty, we weren’t “great” friends, but it just felt good to see someone from back home, being that I was new to the city and didn’t know too many people.
Over the next few years, Mike and I stayed in touch, hanging out here and there when time allowed.
You see, I had a music career and full-time job that consumed nearly every waking hour of my life, while Mike was working 50-hours a week trying to provide for his wife and three kids. So it came as a huge shock to me when Mike called me one day saying his wife had up and left, leaving him to fend for his three kids alone.
But it wasn’t a challenge Mike was about to back down from; not then, and not now.
For the last several years, Mike, like many Dads (And Mothers), has served as both parents, doing everything from cooking, to cleaning, to getting them ready for school and not to mention the countless hours he puts in coaching his two sons in football. I’ve always believed props should be given where props are due, so for this I say, “Happy Mother’s Day, Mike.” And Happy Mother’s Day to every other single father out there stepping up and taking care of business and vice versa for all the single mother’s when Father’s Day comes around next month.
With all that said, allow me to break one of the number one rules in writing by ending with a cliche:
Remember, anyone can have a child, but it takes a real Man/Woman to be a Father/Mother.
So today/tomorrow, don’t forget to recognize that special person on Mother’s Day, whether it be a male or female.
Happy Mother’s Day to all those who truly deserve it!

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