Oct 25 2014

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WEB GALLERY: SBHS Homecoming in Photos

(Staff photos by Jacob Lopez and Claudia Felici)
Several scenes from Thursday’s San Benito High School Homecoming Parade downtown Sam Houston Boulevard and Lighting of the SB at old Greyhound Stadium are shown.

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  1. Joe

    i can view them just fine.

  2. esteban Briseno

    Dear Newspaper people,
    Your photo viewing system stinks. I am a paying customer trying to see these lovely pictures.

    1. Editor

      The photos seem to be completely visible and clear on our end?
      Could it be the software you are using?

    2. J.R.

      #Esteban Briseño

      You may need to enable JavaScript to view slideshows!

      What computer operating system or browser are you using?

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